Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

8 thoughts on “Compton council meeting turns into a circus

  1. If that is what happened, it is inexcusable and should not and cannot be tolerated. In my opinion, Chambers and Galvan are useless and should resign. It is embarrassing to watch the circus on community T.V and I can just imagine a closed session. Good grief.

  2. Well, well Michelle Chambers, let the people see who you REALLY are. Each Council person represents their District and the City, Michelle Chambers DOES NOT represent the people of the 1st District, or the Great City of Compton.

  3. I am disappointed that this occurred. During closed session, there were others in the room. “What Say You”” ?

    Mayor Sharif, you need the ability to mute those who are exceeding their speaking time and colleagues are disrupted. Mayor Sharif it is time to state what you are NOT going to tolerate and demand order.

    Name calling and shouting should never be tolerated.


  4. Michelle Chambers is a total embarrassment to women and public office.
    She didn’t have to do a background check on Exxon; because she had it expunged when she was with Assembly Gipson.

  5. Craig was played…now your first client can be the evil Michelle Chambers suit against Galvan for slander let’s see how that goes!

    1. Chambers opposed request to deny Galvan’s appointment to mayor protem was the catalyst for Galvan’s rant. She is very disruptive, frequently interrupting the mayor’s attempts to conduct meetings. Chambers and Galvin’s mikes should have been muted. Thank you councilman Bowers for being representative of my district and an example of what the Compton citizens deserve. The appointment of district four’s council seat will speak volumes on what Compton politics are!

  6. Michelle Chambers is showing her colors….you think are the mayor stop disrespecting Galvan, he call you out on your drinking; at least he own up to his behavior, you just keep trying to make him look bad.
    News flash you are the one we see as a Jack ass; and you think we want you in the assembly; you are the Black Karen.
    Girl bye!!!

  7. Council meeting on Tuesday 13 at Zoom in Compton California: Show is Resident that we hire a few incompetent individuals who have constantly disrespected the Mayor and her colleagues and others Citizens was very angry with Listening to Michelle Chambers being Rude,Disrespectful,…It’s time for a complete though investigation on her . Check into her hiring a excon without any background check

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