Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

8 thoughts on “Compton City Manager’s Contract is One Signature Light

  1. The same mess over and over again, and we need to investigate the legal aspects of these on-going problems where council is ignorant to the facts and the taxpayers of this City receives no services in the meantime:Tree trimming, potholes repaired, sheriff patrolling the community, etc. etc. When cities don’t perform and illegally put individuals in positions, who and where does the taxpayers go to receive the services their tax dollars are paying for, instead of paying for an incompetent council and illegal leaders? Something has to be done for this City to improve and move forward!
    They are receiving a paycheck and the citizens receive nothing but crap!!
    Will this City ever improve in leadership capabilities!!!
    They just occupy a chair/space and receive a paycheck!!!!!

  2. Compton has not produced financial statements in six years. If there is no change, then the citizens of Compton will still has no information regarding the city’s financial management.

  3. No one cares, Craig is CM for the present time. Opinions are like bottoms we sit upon…and some sour grapes here quote so many regulations like they wrote them. They did not, but here we go back and forth ad nauseum….usual folks chiming in. How about no one really cares as long as they’re competent. And Galvan…clueless. Good to have dissent however. But at the end of things, pretty much means little. District 2 isn’t feeling the love as much as one thinks in their heads. Many have told this to me there. But some of my “critics” who associate with another former leader, don’t like it either…go figure. Tra, la, la di da…no one cares…only you, who post rubbish. Next page…take care. Outta here and snarky too. I’m also older and a bit wise to the shenanigans here too. Comments are welcome, however, since I don’t own this site nor have any personal affiliation either. I just read stuff and see ridiculous rhetoric that changes not much, at the end of the read. Thanks for the comments section but all I see are the same names, plus mine, which I’ve decided I’m embarrassed by my own comments here, defending what really? Nonsense…even my own. Bye bye Miss American Pie, Drove My Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was Dry…Good ole boys drinking whisky and rye, but not dying anytime soon…to alter the lyrics of Don McCleans’ Classic song from the 60’s…black person knowing others music is cool, right? LOL Respect you Robert for caring, but let’s leave it there for present. You’re a good man in intention, just lost in time here…sorry. Let the State Atty General handle this if they see fit. Maybe they will, maybe not. Have a nice day, sir and thanks for caring about our city. Your city too, of course. Decoration, doubt that’s why anyone would go to law school, graduate and pass the California State Bar…how insulting to his academic prowess, sir. decoration…that’s not even appropriate. And you should know better. Shame on you…

  4. He was hired illegally! California Government Code 1090 states that a ‘former’ elected official must wait one year before being hired as an employee of that same city. The city council didn’t even wait 30 days to hire him after he resigned as city attorney. Both Cornwell and the council are at fault here. And, if the council has appointed a new city attorney, why should he even be asked to make legal decisions on behalf of the city? Was Damon Brown hired just for decoration?

    1. I thought,that during the city coun- il meetings,that’s where the issues concerning the city were discussed! If, Mr.Cornwell’s hiring was in vailation of any code,(etc) then it should be looked into by the LA Board of Supervisors!

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