Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

10 thoughts on “Compton city manager’s contract extension fails again

  1. Bye Bitch!

    Welcome to the Land of Unemployment Muthafucka!

  2. Enough already! The whole country knows Craig, Damon, Michelle and the controller is not fit for the task at hand.
    1.Compton is 10.2 square miles with 3 city managers; compared to larger surrounding cities.
    2. Council stated they had to layoff 53 employees due to lack of funds; test you found money to hire your friends.Then you want to turn parks and rec over to Aja’s non-profit.
    3. Michelle they you talk about Galvan on Tuesday what about your shady behavior.
    4.Aja has been lying to the community for eight, if you told the public all reports were filed; question: why does the state want to audit for failure to file financial for the last 3 years.
    5. Aja during your mini meltdown last week, you stated the city has had several city managers during the last twenty-five years, just a quick reminder eight were under your administration.
    6. How does the Treasuer who rarely shows up at a council meeting and wanted to inform council and the community how his daddy taught him how to hide money????
    7. Excuse me, Brandon just got sworn in and you’re going to request Christin be appointed to district 4 and then you go on to chastise Galvan like his was your child; nigga pleazzz!
    8. Damon if you’re such a great lawyer why are you out sourcing every case????????‍♂️
    The community is sick of you, Craig, Alita and Michelle.
    Just go!!!! No Farewell party????

    1. He chastising Galvan cause the nigga can’t get close to his wife with that restraining order.

  3. To Mr. Bowers and Galvan its time to start looking at the big picture. Your current/ex or whatever City manager, Mr. Corndick, is playing a BS game with you along with Doo Doo Brown. Corndick thinks he is so special and got you in a bind because how can the city run without a city manager. The funny thing is all the lame ass directors he laid off also thought like that. Thinking What they gonna do without me. ME!!

    I didn’t forget he was RECOMMENDED by our financial auditors. Ya think the nijja got like PHDs in finance, urban development, or engineering background.

    We’d LIKE a City Manager with these qualifications, but i DOUBT the City Charter lists the qualifications for a City Manager.
    Hint: you can “appoint” anyone.

    It is the same old lame shit i keep reading about. We don’t have a city manager, so we MUST to sign him. We better give him another year cause we got no choice. Ya elected officials. You going to give someone a quarter million dollars knowing he bullshits you. Get the FUK outta here.

    Here are some reasons that he should NOT be given the contract extension.

    1. Screaming Eagle: screwed and cheated Compton City. Galvan raised the issue of dump tickets and they were never provided cause that company picks illegal dumping and dump then at our city yard so we gots to pay for the dumping. Rumor has it Damion Timmons asked them about it, and he was told “you better CHECK youself”. We keep giving this company 400000, 500000, 700000 dollar contracts.

    2. Security footage that leaked from his department trying to show fatboy jerry clocking in for someone else. HIS city Manager office said the footage was provided because of public information request. Vernell in city clerk office nipped that shit in the bud.

    3. Laid off all directors under the pretext of finance duress from covid pandemic. Hmm. Guess who manages the different departments then. The answer is Corndick and his two $200,000 assistant city managers. And ya tryin to bullshit me that the zuritas were a crime family.

    4. His under the cloud of the marijuana lawsuit. The kim “hit and run” mckenzie lawsuit. The union perb lawsuit. Nigga shady as fuk.

    5. You EVER see all this action before to keep a city manager. His cheerleaders (doo doo brown, alita, chambers) all raising roadblocks and reasons why he is necessary and so good for the city. Having 3-5 closed sessions, open sessions, all sessions. Shit like this only happens when shady stuff is involved and he is playing politics within city hall and not as a xity manager

    5. Having the balls early in contract extension discussion to ask council to increase his salary and then give him a raise EVERY year for the duration of the contract. And yes, there was a NO TERMINATION clause that he probably had Doo Doo Brown stick in and hoped council would be to stupid to read. While he basically laid off employees and closed a lot of departments. Shady ass shit again.

    6. Lastly, how dare those fuks decide to block the 2urbangirls website in city hall.

    If corndog decides to tell you to kiss where the sun won’t shine, just call security and walk his thru the entire city hall to show everyone the city manager answers to you, and not you to him..

  4. This current City Mgr has proven he is NOT equipped to handle the job. What IS then the solution? We are rated 0 out of 100 according the State financial stability. How could anyone in this city allow that to happen? Surely Mr.Cornwell has been aware. To even suggest another year under his horrid management is outrageous!

  5. You mean the same common cents that cost the city’s tax payers. Miss me with your rhetoric the bigger picture is too take action in the best interest of the community

    1. And what is that? PRAY TELL!!! And please do not say the obvious. Remember there are new watch dogs in the house now and a city manager is just as good as his MAYOR!! At this point, you’ve got to know where most of the bones are buried!! Now, it’s about getting the office ready for the transition so that, we “the city’s tax payers”, won’t be set back any further!! I don’t see Mr. Cornwell as a dishonest man, just someone who got caught up due to lack of knowledge and belief in those who appointed him. 12 months is not a long time when you start cleaning house!!!

  6. To Mr. Bowers and Galvan its time to start looking at the big picture and put your don’t likes aside. Our city needs a city manager, you are not going to find one over night. The most practical thing to do is give the man another year while you search for another. Lets use a little common sense for a change!! Mr. Bowers you took an oath for the good of the people. Please remember that. Who knows, Mr. Cornwell might just tell you all to kiss where the sun don’t shine!! Think about it!!

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