Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

45 thoughts on “Compton City Manager on the Chopping Block

  1. Galvan rescinds the item. Life goes on but I think Galvan messed up cause of the history of Cornball and the City Attorney bullshitting him over and over again.

    Cornball lives on. He is sitting straighter in his chair and the sweat between his ass is drying as I write this.

    Cornball is so happy that is is offering private Tai Chi lessons for all the elected officials and their family.

    Mayor and Chambers are happier than shit. They are so happy they even praised the other elected officials.

    Old farts like Alita (city clerk) and Doug (city treasurer) are probably happy also that cornball wasn’t fired. Cornball WAS the city attorney before he became the City manager. The back scratching is deeper than u know.

    Zoom meeting was shitty.. Too many technical difficulties when starting the meetings.

  2. Andre “HubCity Dre” Spicer spending his anniversary with his wife? This dude is hella gay not that it matters but he should not be exposing himself to any woman after spending nights with his boy friends. look him up in LA gay club

  3. Michelle Chambers need to be recalled immediately. She is spreading untruthful rumors about Emma Sharif and causing Emma to be bullied. Michelle is as horrible as she looks.
    We must get rid of Michelle, Dre and Craig Cornball.

  4. Michelle Chambers, I know your habits and I’m going to expose you for the bipolar, deceitful, user you are!
    They say proof is in the pudding, I have it!!
    You want to play, Let’s do it!

  5. After tonight’s council meeting or shall we call another circus, again Chambers and Aja tried to discredit their colleagues; Councilmember Galvan brought it home, raising real issues that are pledging our community… but no Aja wanted to berate his approach; stating that Councilmembers using their time to talk about problems in their district when they can meet before hand to discuss with the city manager prior to council meetings.
    Craig, never has any real answer that’s why the detractors have to jump in and save him.
    Aja and Michelle are so much the Big problem with Compton leadership; it’s time for the two go.
    Lynn Boone how can we help you?

  6. Craig lives another week. Checking him out on zoom meeting. Dude looks tired and probably wants to take a crap.

    Public comments reveal support for Cornwell. They say Craig helped cut down my tree, paved my street, joined my block club, walked my dog, and whatever good shit u can come up with.

    Michelle Chambers takes a shout out for “Team Cornwell”. What the fuck? If Chambers supports Cornwell, he’s gotta go. That lady is up to no good

  7. Craig was a sorry ass city attorney and a failure of a city manager. Fire him and that cluster fuck of assistant city managers that report to him.

  8. Smh, I can’t wait to move out of Compton. I’m disappointed, I have lived in this city for most of my life. I’m embarrassed to admit it. The city needs to be taken over. Our taxes are to high, the water is to high, and the streets are dirty. It’s a shame that unqualified people are put in positions their not qualify for. The citizens are the only ones that suffer.

  9. Nothing against Craig Cornball but I hope he doesn’t feel slighted or anything.

    He is the first to be let go and sure as hell won’t be the last.

  10. In my over two decades of service to elected officials I’ve NEVER seen a staffer leak confidential personnel information and then verbally attack and threaten their Boss elected counterpart! At the very least this staffer employment with the city needs to be terminated immediately! And for the City Manager to say NOTHING speaks volumes of his leadership and ability to lead the executive administration of the city.

  11. Did you all think Forest Gump would lead into advancement…no sir, he was incapable as an attorney, what made any of you believe he was fit for this role.
    Secondly, Mayor Aja Brown needs to do some soul searching, she is manipulating, deceitful, conning, a lair and just pure evil.
    Third, Andre you are a joke; how did you get a city job with a criminal history; if I were you I be careful we’re I cast my stones. Pay your child support ????????‍♂️

  12. Dre:
    I have never met a city employee as stupid as you. You cannot threaten a City Council member in writing or video. Craig Cornwell should fire you on Sunday! Craig do your job!

    Michelle he reflects you???!?? Then you must go too. I thought you were different, but polished and professional….your not. I am sorry, very sorry I and many others supported you. Stop being a bully. Resign

  13. Really Dre, your comment is so retarded…we must have struck a nerve, little boy go take a long nap…bye Clyde????

  14. Does anyone know how many vested, full-time, long time serving employees were laid-off from the other neighboring cities in comparison to the part-time staff and contracted employees? What other City has eliminated a whole department?

  15. Under The current administration and the prior administration all lack a key essential elements: professionalism ,respect, courtesy and the ability to do your JOBS; nothing would do me more pleasure than to see the elimination of the entire City Council of Compton, Mayor and City Manager. The inept incompetence and the way in which the city is being led is beyond sad ; it is my great hope that Craig Cornwell Is removed from the position that he has no clue of what he’s doing as well as Council woman In Dist 1. Our City has NEVER looked so bad,, I.e. dirty, fifty streets unkept, out of control violations which code enforcement can’t enforce, continued potholes, high taxes, water bill; the list is long and all being running by a bunch of zeros!

    1. The biggest problem the Treasurer with the city losing millions with his assistant walking out of office with money in back pack daily and no one caught him fir years.Where is the Check and Balance!!!!!

  16. Dre don’t think you possess any power, you all lucked up because people were tried.
    Since your boss has taken office, the city has gone to Hell nothing has improved just a clear case of selfishness.
    And Dre you need to stop calling elected officials out of their names, you should be fired for unprofessional conduct. You’re nothing more than a Street nigga trying to play in the real world of human beings…..no one respects you, you’ve shown your true color idiot ????????‍♂️

  17. Dre, are you really questioning someone education when you have none….go sit your dumb ass down. Michelle Chambers selecting you as her laision says a lot about the two of you.
    Neither is fit to represent a dog at a pig meet.
    This why white folks don’t want to sit at a table with us to discuss real issues; because you niggas and your self serve ring dumb shit!
    Just resign you’re not fit to serve the rat race!

  18. ????thank the three amigo, Michelle Chambers is full of shit, give her a drink and a blunt she’ll sit down. Give Aja a mic and a audience she’ll want a drink to talk about nothing; listening to two clowns what is of importance ????????‍♂️

  19. Maybe it’s not the mayor this is most work done in this city in thirty years. All cities lost employees because lost revenues

    1. Neither the city of Inglewood nor Los Angeles lost money. Galvan asked Craig about the city’s reserves which he responded they didn’t have any. How does the city not have a rainy day fund? Why didn’t the Parks and Recreation department administer food giveaways to get reimbursed by COVID-19 funds? Cornwell doesn’t know how to lead. Adios.

  20. Dre, you’re an unqualified person to talking about anything. You are so ghetto and unprofessional go sit your weed smoking ass down; you are a disgrace!

  21. Craig Cornwell is grossly incompetent as City Manager. It is about time they rid themselves of this disaster!!!

  22. I’m glad you noticed the “pot calling the kettle black” situation, meaning a liaison with no office experience and rude to constituents suddenly talking about qualifications. The irony is real. But regarding the city manager, Cornwell has proven a disaster in navigating the city through COVID losing 50 employees unlike other cities like Inglewood, Carson and Long Beach who retained many. The Concerned Citizens under Marie Hollis pointed out Cornwell was mediocre as a City Attorney and a nationwide search needed to be launched for an experienced City Manager or competent figure. The city still needs to do so. Calling….Rod Wright.

    1. I have no reply to most of the conversation, but I know Carson laid-off employees in April and they had over 20 million in reserve (Fact)

    2. The city of Compton should had been re-evaluated the City Elected Staff . I am on the City Treasurer because the money disappeared by his assistant walking out the office with money in a back pack daily. Let’s discuss the Treasurer is he a Certified Accountant and had completed
      An Accounting Degree. Last time I check not from USC as an Alumni unless he completed recently that’s probably why he does not attend meetings attending classes?. I want to ask the Treasurer,Mayor and the City Manager before Rambo what happen to the Check and Balance. The employee could havd never walked out of the office so long with so much money if the city had Check and Balance in place. Our city lost this money because the Treasurer was not doing his job. We as residents have to ask yourself how could someone steal this amount od money and walk out of the building daily with money and noone know about it. IMPORTANT KEY to this problem Where were the CHECK AND BALANCE!!!!!
      The City probably recovered the money back from Insurance company so why we in negative????
      We need a Treasurer that had Credential and not riding on family name.

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