Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

9 thoughts on “Compton City Manager goes rogue

  1. This forum with it’s contradictory sides shows me why this city of ours just can’t move forward instead of being stalled by processes and protocols that weren’t invoked to begin with. Before a ballot measure appears, it needs to be vetted before the voting public, well ahead of it’s scheduled ballot. I think all that Roger was trying to do was cover the first base after then runner had rounded second headed for third. Always the cart in front of the horse, here, it seems. So to try to fire him for attempting to do the right thing, just puts us right back in starting position when there’s the possibility we could get timely and accurate, as well as well researched, information on this proposal. Did you ever hear the math fable about the guy or gal who told the company who was to hire them that they’d work for a penny a day, with only one catch…every day their salary must double. See, sometimes, here in Compton, especially, the only ones doing mental math well are the school kids, and some of them are sharp enough to get this, so here goes: ” I am 62 years old and I heard this when I was a kid. It starts out”I will pay you a penny for the first day you work and I will double it every day for a month” Most people would say no way, but when it is added up it is $5,368,709,.12 for a 30 day month
    It is $10,737,418.24 for a 31 day month.
    day one—.01
    day 2 double it–.02 and so on

    Seems some intelligent person inside city hall has done the math and it sort of makes sense. Where else could the city manage to raise capital for the general fund and other projected revenue, unless they did something that will dovetail, quite well, once Walmart completes renovation and opening of their superstore in LBB. Along with other retailers here, I’m sure Doug Sanders would be the point on this matter. Opposition or support, you have to admit that the better informed we are, the better decision making will follow. Here’s also where the challenge of web-based media could play a huge role, I only imaging social networks being, as well, a viable vehicle for information and dialogue. Wish they had Twitter feed going, in compliance with the Brown Act, during council meetings, maybe they should also now consider trying something like Periscope so more people can watch the live proceedings online from anywhere. It’s time to think differently, if we’re to even begin to make progress. City governments run on collected revenue, property tax increases would be political suicide, we’re paying enough already, so a new approach was inevitable, but when people here the word, “tax”, they freak out rather than ask reasonable questions in order to clarify things accurately. So, did Roger really do anything wrong, in order to point out an oversight with the general public? Perception can be so deceiving when we jump to conclusions and he did consult with the CA’s office, reportedly, so he wasn’t actually going “rogue” as the article might imply. Maybe a bit of a “Snowden” move a little, but they all need to agree on the point of adequately informing the public, well before the fact. It’s a matter of trust and transparency becoming more than just words.

  2. I think what was brought up in city council meeting, was you should have already did the education part of this ballot before its put on the ballot, you can not spend tax payers money to education a ballot measure after the fact. and to increase the amount from 50 to 100 whats behind that?

  3. He does need to be fired ASAP. Problem is, his firing will cost the city a pile of money, but Haley doesn’t care. He is only here at the whim of Aja Brown anyway. It is things like this that is causing me to want to leave Compton. I currently have a real estate agent looking for me a house in Long Beach. I can’t wait to get out of here.

  4. Well, it’s obvious Roger Haley, city manager, wants to be fired! Insubordination is the key to his actions! I hope they have enough sense to write him up and hold him to the City Charter! Boom, no over payment or any other payment to him! The resolution said $50,000 and not $100,000! He’s trying to please Aja and not the entire council! So long Shaddy! Aja Brown is next!

    1. Q: to Joyce and Robert – how and when are the residents of Compton going to receive the information concerning Measure P. Is the intent to place it on the ballot without prior discussion and have the residents ignorant to the increases that will eventually appear as sales tax.

      1. Providing information and advocating are two different things. The city manager went against the wishes of the council and spent nearly $100,000. This is misappropriation of public funds which is a felony with no statute of limitations.

      2. The measure literature was sent out BUT it’s from the CITIES side. Remember the city already has $68million in measure money to fix the WHOLE DAM CITY CORRECTLY

        1. Hey, Curits, when did they get this measure funding and from whom? Curious Thx.

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