Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

5 thoughts on “Compton city manager fired, new manager hired

  1. Jerry Groomes worked for Carson for about 12 years,what is the misunderstanding,”Pressure of the Job”,people need to read up on individual before commenting with their misinformed opinion.
    Groomes is good at his job& it’s a good thing his employers/associates were disappointed to see him leave b/c that means he’s above competency. Naysayers could characterize him as an opportunist but his movement was about his family’s preservation& personal goals. How can you not like an overachiever,Compton is in need of some achieving.
    Knowledge is power& I hope the citizens of Compton not only ask about him but do some research because the internet exist to empower us. WAKE UP

    Daily Breeze
    5 years at East Palo Alto
    12 years at Carson

    1. Daily Breeze cited his reasoning for leaving was pressure of the job. If in fact being city manager is a pressured job, I truly believe that’s an accurate description for that job function. On the other hand, does he believe the situation in Compton will be “less pressure”?

  2. I think it was the three that fired one was the driving force to hire this new one I dont think the mayors seat wanted this new city manager. if you go back and read the minutes. some of the problem with the hire and fire of a city manager is, on Compton’s case , we hire someone to deal with a bunch of crying ass brats. not a group of professional adults. instead of just like city employees make your city manager feel that he or she matters and just like city employees they will show and prove to you that they do matter. I have seen the moral of the city drop so drastically, how do you expect employees to function when the head cant function? lets take a ride together in the city during working hours and lets see who is working and who isn’t.

  3. Concerning Jerry Groomes:
    I was debating whether the “quitter” tag was fair, concerning the fact that he left Carson citing “pressures of the job.” He has to be pretty tough to have dealt with Carson Mayor Jim Dear for 6 years (’04-10). We know Dear was a piece of work and that Carson group ain’t got no punks!

    On the other hand I would say that Mayor Brown and the Compton Council are at least as tough as Jim Dear. And if in fact they prove to be tougher and meaner – He doesn’t stand a chance. But I wish him well!

  4. It should be noted that he was hired as ‘interim’ city manager for six months while the council conducts a nationwide search for a new city manager. Every time they fire a city manager it costs the taxpayers a bundle. Per his contract, Roger Haley will collect $250,000, a years salary, just for getting fired. And let’s put that salary into perspective. Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, salary is $174,000. Our city managers are over paid for the work they don’t do to get fired. Problem here is that the precedent has been set so it will be hard to hire someone for less money. What were they (council) thinking?

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