Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Compton City Council votes against special election

  1. I never like her approach and that is why she didn’t get my vote. Nevertheless, I gave her chance after chance to see what she was about. Photo ops and PR is not getting one of the many holes in our streets fix. I agree with the commenter about the continual deterioration of the landscape and the empty buildings . If you she has not figured out that investors are not willing to take a chance because of the conditions she has failed to resolve, then she is half hearted and really don’t give a darn. She is even not able to hold businesses who refuse to clean accountable. She never address my outrage about convenient baskets allowed to be taken out of stores, particularly at the Food and Mess (pun intended) on Rosecrans and Central Ave. NO BODY NEED A FULL BASKET FOR THREE OR FOUR ITEMS. We have issues, and yes the sideway Sheriffs on patrol is just one of many. The problem is to do our homework on the candidate to replace this poor leadership. She has failed and miserably. I too am offended of their comments. Unnecessary to say in a public form and definitely divisive. We all as residents really need to know for sure of what we want and need to strive and making it known to whomever is running for mayor representing the city must be all inclusiveness, creative and have a vision to get us like every city North-South-East and West of Compton without making us pay for it.

  2. Keep up the great reporting!!! You are right on target. All the comments are accurate and citizens agree totally. Shame on Aja/Michelle for bashing the seniors and calling their colleagues IGNORANT. Both are stuck on STUPID Period. Two folks I know will not be bullied by Aja/Michelle… Kelly and Boone( Where are you Ladies)??

  3. After watching the Zoom Coucil Meeting
    I personally felt insult by the Language that (MAYOR) Aja Brown and her sidekick Michelle Chambers used toward there collegues…She owes them a public apologies.. Since Aja term in office Compton has fallen short on her watch by 6 more years(#Timeup) Potholes everywhere,abandoned building,No Nice Restuarant, trees has been trim since since Bradley terms….Where are all the people that campaigns against Janna..someone said bought and pay for which I believe to be true…If Aja would take of Compton like she take of everyone that campaigns for her Compton would look like Carson….There hasn’t been a financial treasure report in 7years are longer..Citizen has ask for financial report on numerous council meetings and never ever received as of today.. Citizen has ask for updated on all nonprofit she owns never ever submitted
    including validation especially My Brothers Keeper organization.. where is every dime of all Grants moneys that was awarded to Compton, There are numerous of Marijuana Dispensaries in Compton and when ask about Drugs been sold in Compton in these abandoned building..The plot Didn’t work Aja …I will continue to uplift Compton in Prayers…Just remember Aja the same Seniors that Vote you in will vote you out!

  4. Compton resident will never benefit from Aja Brown leadership, she is very selfish; case in point; Dr. Dre paid for 145,000 meals & Covid-19 testing, her colleagues had no clue;!yet she
    Choose Everytable to partner with, THAT was a TOTAL FAILURE.
    Compton I ask you to look at her track record since being elected let’s sum it up to her being a: phony, fraud, liar, manipulator, decrepit, immature, insecure . Let’s some it up Corrput!
    The real joke is you think you can the Sheriffs Department: when your not even talking to the correct people.
    My advise child go take a long nap Bye🙏

  5. Rumor has it, the pencil neck City Manager ain’t making too many friends with some Council members for his bias and bullshit backing of the mayor. If that does happen, hope the door doesn’t hit his ass on the way out. He won’t be missed but remembered as the worst CITy manager EVER, and there were some bad ones.

  6. The true problem is that Aja Brown knows she will not be re-elected because of all her lies she has told to get elected. Michelle Chambers is not a resident of Compton she is a resident of Inglewood. She is also upset because there is a recall on her. The City Attorney was not elected by the residence but put in place by Aja Brown. Craig Cornwell is not a good city manager he is just a yes man for Aja Brown. What ever she wants she gets from him. I wonder what is really up with that behind closed doors. And for the city clerk Aleta Godwin she has helped Aja Brown win re-election by misplacing ballots and absentee ballots in the past. But still she is City Clerk. We will put as stop to all this foolishness at election time.

  7. Aja Brown is trying to turn the community against the sheriff.
    She and her family were stopped by the sheriff’s department because of the connection with the illegal marijuana shops, people are saying. They have seen her husband frequenting the shops and the owners of those shops are telling on them.
    Aja Brown is trying to play innocent like she did went she said her grandmother was brutally sexually assaulted and killed.
    She should be given an oscar for her lying performances!
    She’s done nothing with the people’s money to get the city in order.
    Residents or council members know where the money is going, especially with the penny sales tax!
    One only has to drive through the streets of Compton to see the sinkholes.

  8. Watching the special council meeting yesterday was a total embarrassment to the residents and cities at large.
    Aja Brown and Michelle Chambers were so disrespectful, anyone could see they were mad because they didn’t get they way.
    After yesterday performance they are not fit to lead a monkey to the zoo.
    You tell when Aja Brown, Michelle Chambers are lying. You two should be of disgrace shame for calling your colleagues ignorant.
    You’re right everyone is looking at Compton for there continued foolishness.
    Aja Brown is Donald Trumps Neice!!!

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