Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

1 thought on “Compton City Council Makes 2nd Attempt to Amend FY 2019-2020 Budget

  1. hmmm
    No major changes, just moving shit around

    Ackward to have an deputy HR position added and analyst deleted.

    If they so concern about money, then common sense would dictate that you delete the hr analyst position and take the money and spend it on operational and maintenance cost, not another empty HR.

    Very concerned about

    Who’s the person that recommends this crap?

    Government jargon again: critical adjustments (don’t change shit, nothing changed so it ain’t critical), best quality of level of services ( just fix the potholes bitch!!),.

    The budget stafff, hahaha some mex dude Mario Hernandez is the budget officer. Started as an office assistant or something in the General Services dept (plumbing, building, maintenance, etc).
    He got his “learn on” and became a financial analyst an a few months later the budget officer. He’s moving on up like the Jeffersons.

    You guys should be looking laughing at HR for allowing this

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