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11 thoughts on “Compton city council issued a cease and desist

  1. Please read the date of the letter from the District Attorney’s Office “July 17, 2015”. Aja Brown’s plan was for this letter to reach the Council members by July 21, 2015, so they would vote in favor of placing the items purposed by Aja Brown on the November Ballot,but the City Attorney didn’t notify the Council members until 7/31/2015 regarding the letter.

  2. Back in the 60’s and 70’s Compton was a vibrant and thriving small city. What happened? Some blame it on modern day “Carpetbaggers”. If it wasn’t broke back then, why did ‘they’ try to fix it? Now, ‘they’ have is all messed up!

  3. Melissa, I have the greatest respect for you and your journalism but this one is a little off the chart. I have read the letter from the D.A’s. Office signed by Sean Hassett Assistant Head Deputy. First and foremost, I have had contact with Mr. Hassett who works out of a satellite office in Downtown L.A. for the D.A. Through various correspondences with Mr. Hassett I know for a fact that he presents himself as a non productive individual. Mr. Hassett conducts no research, returns no phone calls, and is out of the office more then he is in the office. But in this situation regarding the City council’s salary and the Commissions Mr. Hassett’s letter is a perfect example of his non-professionalism; the letter is saturated with inconsistencies. Mr. Hassett general review of the various Commission issues are unfounded, the Commissioners and Directors who sit on those boards do not and have not received salaries. People please read the difference between a General Law city and a Charter City. The action of addressing the District Attorney’s Office regarding Compton’s elected officials salary was nothing but another attempt by Aja Brown to force the support of the City Council members in supporting Brown placing items on the November ballot that were not in the best interest of the Citizens, or the City of Compton. STAND YOUR GROUND, Council members Zurita, Arceneaux, and Sharif! The citizens of Compton applaud you for serving in the best interest of the Citizens and the City of Compton. There is NO I in Compton.

    1. The district attorney’s standard response to every question we have asked of them has been “no comment”.

      The only question we got a response to was an affirmation that the district attorney is only researching elected officials salaries in the City of Compton.

      We are thankful to the residents of Compton for providing additional clarity and insight on this matter.

      1. The comments don’t mske common sense. Lynn Boone if the Charter says $600 per month and then all of these commissions that meet less than 15 mins the gey between another $300-$1,000. For what? Maybe add another $100-200 for those meetings. LET’S US COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. FAIR IS FAIR DON’T ROB THE PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU ARE ELECTED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE!

  4. Jackie Lacey has no authority to issue such a demand. It was rumored Tuesday that Aja Brown did meet with Jackie Lacey to ask for this, but there is no way anyone can trump the City Charter. The City Charter can only be changed by a vote of the people of Compton. The Charter does clearly state that the mayor and council get $600 per month for their ‘part time’ positions as mayor and council persons. All of those other salaries/stipends were added later and should be reversed. And I must ask, “what is a ‘state rate'”? All of this is just another ploy by Aja Brown, Jackie Lacey and MRT to kill Compton as a Chartered City.

    1. Sitting here w/ a State employee who does not know what “State rate” means except maybe per day on expenses ?????

      1. Jo I think the state rate is what the average pay for part-time city council positions !!

    2. Robert – what on earth are you talking about that Jackie Lacey has “no authority” to issue such a demand? She has every authority to notify individuals that they are in violation of the California Penal Code and that her office will prosecute them should the violation continue.
      To the extent you think she is “demanding” something else, I encourage you to read the letter more closely.

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