Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

12 thoughts on “Compton city council hires a permanent City Manager

  1. If you color between the lines the picture looks great, but outside the lines, what a hot mess the picture becomes. Something learned in kindergarten. If a majority of people are oblivious or apathetic, anyone can do whatever they want, figuring out the deep dark secret of the people here in the city. Funny thing is, evil isn’t the devil’s work. It comes out of the heart of mankind. Satan just nudges it a little, just like the story of Adam & Eve in Genesis. Eve wanted to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. She just needed the serpent to say it was OK, and that God wasn’t being fair with them. All it takes is a seed of doubt, that anything bad would happen, and while they feared physical “death”, the sentence for disobedience wasn’t physical…it was spiritual, and they got kicked out forever. Bible stories fascinate me, because on Sunday mornings, who do you think is the first one in church? Anyone? The devil, himself. Gets points for corrupting followers of Almighty God. Think…the story of Job. Satan challenged God saying, that the good man would curse God to his face if God just allowed satan to literally destroy the man’s family and his health. God won the bet, though, and Job proved to be a man worthy of God’s restoration. Devil’s always in the details when wealth and power are dangled from the hook in the water. Patricia Moore and Paul Richards, among others, should be a cautionary tale on always doing the right thing and ethics are key when in public service. Temptation leads many to go down the wrong path. Just look at the “guests” of the state and federal prison system. Walter Tucker III, even got caught, though they came for him while he was in his congressional seat. The Fed’s bide their time, as does the county DA’s office of public integrity. Often giving law breakers just enough rope to hang themselves, time and time again. I’ve seen it time and time again. Only question is, how hard is it to do what’s right and decent, when the stakes could make you temporarily rich. That school’s chief in Chicago, will also do time behind bars, because she though she’d gotten away with embezzlement. And so it goes…no one gets away with it. They just think they do, so they get bolder and try for higher and higher stakes. It’s how you catch fish in the ocean or lakes and streams. Ever try fly fishing? It’s utterly fascinating how fish will bite at what appears to be food, but in reality, get’s the big ones. Just takes the skill of a patient angler who dangles the lure with skill. So I’m not worried. They always get caught, every one. Guess we’re going to eventually have sushi again for supper, folks. Sketchy stuff but we’re so used to it by now. Especially for it’s entertainment value, here. New fish just don’t know they’re gonna be on a hot plate at some future point, so they keep going for the bait. Some believe in catch and release, but I’m one who believes in catch and release…into the hot grease. Delicious! Hope I’m wrong, but Salmon is so tasty when it’s grilled, isn’t it? Yup!

  2. I was forced to quit my job in November of 2014, after 15 years of service, due to the corruption in the City Attorney’s office. I told my story to former interim City Manager, Johnny Ford, just days before I left. Rather than address the issues, he used the information for his own benefit and became partner with the City Attorney in order to ensure his position with the City. Both he and the City Attorney should resign immediately so that the City may move forward.

    I’ve asked on numerous occasions to be returned to the City, in some other capacity, but all my request have fallen on death ears. Even those whom I highly respected have totally ignored my cry for help.

    However, my story can not be contained the the pages of this news medium. It is a story so filled with unethical practices and conduct on behalf of the City Attorney, that it would make for a Block-Buster movie…. I’ve been in government long enough to know that the only way to force change in the City of Compton is through the DA’s Special Prosecution Unit; for this evil will surly persist and prevail, if I walk away and do nothing. As a 3rd year law student, seeking Truths, I now realize more than ever that It has to stop. Now!

  3. I am curious to see if the new City Manager is going to do anything about Compton’s broken and corrupt employee discipline system. I was wrongfully terminated in 2009 and have yet to have an appeal hearing regarding it. (I kid you not!) The City Attorney’s Office, which controls the process, continues to ignore me. I have not heard from Deputy City Attorney Meryle Greene since January 2015, when we exchanged emails about holding the mandatory “Meet and Confer” in February 2015, which would have begun the process.

    I feel that the union, AFSCME Local 36, is a partner, by ommission, in the City’s hateful, unjust, and unlawful acts against targeted employees. AFSCME is now refusing to represent me in my termination appeal, in violation of the Law of Fair Representation. Yesterday, October 13, 2015, marked my 6th Anniversary of being placed on Administrative Leave and subsequently terminated. I must say, dealing with the union, which has a duty to protect the rights of workers, has been worse than dealing with those paid executioners up in the City Attorney’s Office. Their behavior is to be expected, but the union’s?!!

    1. Hello Estella I am so sorry about your situation and I can assure you that you are truly missed. I wish you well and hope this will come to a conclusion soon…

      1. Dear Anonymous: Thank you for the well wishes. It comforts me to know that someone at the City remembers my professional contributions and feels that they are missed. (Truly, Estella)

  4. What was Mr Haley’s first item on his agenda? Aja Brown’s 1% sale tax. That should make everyone aware of the reason why he was selected , to attempt to deliver what Johnny Ford failed.That is to force that 1% sale Tax done the people’s throat so Aja can be on the front page of something to say what she did for Compton, all by herself. Thank you Councilperson Emma Sharif for being responsible for the people of Compton’s voice, and not a SALE – OUT !

  5. I’m curious as well to see if he’ll commit unethical acts like the other city managers did.
    If Aja Brown can’t have her way she will put Zurita on other boards and give Arceneaux flowers for their votes as she did to fire Johnny Ford.

  6. Why did the city council skirt the policy of doing a nationwide search for a new city manager? Nothing personal against Mr. Haley, but how do we know we are getting the best without looking at other candidates? Once again this administration is not following protocols that have been in place for eons.

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