Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

10 thoughts on “Compton City Council gearing up to ask residents for pay increase

  1. Please be advised I have been under 7 Mayor & City Council’s person first this Aja Brown and board members has not even went to one City Council’s meeting. None of them have no Business one one or maybe 2 have some form of College Training This is why I city is ran so poorly. They couldn’t get elected inthe other 466 cities in the State because of there lack or Understanding in running a city. And the voter is responsible for that. Or there is some underhand in the Voting from Norwalk.What we need to called Corona Compton very corrupt. This is very sad to the Senior we don’t have a theater no sit down restaurant, we don’t have nothing for our children to do. But for Aja and the City Council’s to live on the taxes from the people.No body want to hear the Truth. They the City is CORRUPT to the CORE. HOW Do the Citizen undo the Charter and let the people run the City we the people.

  2. Absolutely not!!! The City of Compton Councilmembers need to use any additional funds to repair all of our streets and other important issues that exist in Compton that need to be corrected or improved. We pay high taxes already so an increase in pay should not even be considered until there are improvements. The people that live in this City are not rich, so the Council should consider that, there trying to take the little bit of funds they have availableto them!!!!

  3. No to a raise
    Those streets needs to be fixed ASAP
    Is embarrassing some of those streets are terrible
    Aren’t we paying higher taxes already

  4. No to a raise Compton needs those streets fix ASAP is embarrassing why are we paying taxes for

  5. No on pay increased!! Totally agree the condition of our City does not justify even any pay increase . They need to do the job they were elected to.

  6. No on a pay increase because city elected personell is not doing what the citizens of Compton elected them to do for the city .The city streets are still in bad conditions ,lots of potholes and on some city streets lots of trashes on thems .The citizens of Compton need to have a say on if they should be able to get a pay increase because no elected pesonell are being of service to the citizens of Compton very poor represention to us.No no a raise.It’s need to put on ballot so citizens can make that choice .I don’t agree with secret commitees to be making decesions on behave of the citizens of Compton the city is very very bad looking all around.Proprety Taxes are so high in our city need the taxes need to looked at be adjusted because other city next to us are not that high.Please Fix are city because we thought we or some of thought when elected that you do your job the correct way for the citizens of Compton.Each elected personell must be Accountable do your job please the right way .

  7. We need a class action lawsuit against the city. We have been taxed already and nothing still has been done.

  8. I am NOT in agreement of pay increases. When I look at my city and see the lack of basic infrastructure maintenance, a financial deficit existing for more than 10 years and a city council spending money on giveaways and freebies, I see no justification. We are taxed at a level higher than most cities and our community has nothing to offer us. It is time Compton residents stop voting for people they don’t know and who are truly not a part of the community. Outsiders just do not have the same love as Compton raised/vested. It is time we truly realize that and Compton people come together and elect our own. Raised in Compton and Live in Compton city officials.

  9. What are we rewarding corruption and nepotism for? It is time to say NO. It is time to hold Aja Brown accountable for the lies and mismanagement of City funds. Stop this thievery. Our taxes are the highest ever.

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