Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

8 thoughts on “Compton City Council denies contract extension for City Manager

  1. I hope the state takes over…both the city and school district. This is my hope. This is my prayer.

  2. Why we having a special meeting today to discuss this same topic if it was not passed last Tuesday?

    Just let the incoming officials decide on the fate of the CM. It is common sense courtesy. Not being political and granting contacts and extensions at the last moment.

    Also, people REALLY need to review the terms of contract extension. There are rumors of five year extension, no termination clause, INCREASED salary…

    I have read it beside these comments but if true I’d like to say: Just Get the Fuk Outta Here

  3. Aja is such a liar, you can when she is trying manipulate a situation….it’s time to go and take your bull shit with you.
    From day one you have been a problem to the city.
    The community drank your kool-aid now the are aware who you really are.
    You thought the seniors were the problem, your last act the council meeting exposed all you crooks.
    This only the beginning, watch and see the patty wagon is coming to give all a free ride to jail🤗

  4. Tuesday’s council meeting was a disgrace, Aja acted like a little kid who lost her marbles. She got so pissed because Galvan e unveil her manipulation, she is a Liar with selfishness.
    Stevie Wonder can see what they were trying to pull and got caught. The Brown cartel tried to to distract the community by putting out the false narrative with regards to Galvan; the community was prepared for whatever BS you were going to throw our way.
    Craig knows he not qualified to lead a monkey out of the zoo.
    Aja Home Depot just delivered your boxes hurry and pack, take your ass and go destroy something else; you are a little kid and a HUGE JOKE!
    Damon is full of shit.
    Enough already!

  5. Emma you know Dumbwell is not fit to lead a city that is in distress.
    If he went to school to be a lawyer, and couldn’t do what he was train to do, what makes you think he could handle running a city🤷🏽‍♂️
    Aja has been the puppet master for eight years, and she couldn’t do that right.
    All of you fell hook line and sinker for her bull shit..
    She used you all, where did it get her🤷🏽‍♂️
    Aja will be in brackets soon…I don’t mean Tiffany 🤗
    Aja in my thoughts you’re bad to the bones😆😆😆

  6. To Shariff:

    You should’ve just said fuk no instead of abstain. This is the wishy washy bullshit decision that people in Compton see and read about. You always say “my constituents tell me (meaning my neighbors and the members at my bingo club) this and that. Everyone wants Compton to be like a Long Beach, a Redondo Beach, a Pasadena type city BUT the reality is that people are still stuck in the NWA days with the gangsta rap mentality.

    How about a simply idea for Compton since you gonna become mayor.

    Here is your motto:
    Compton Safe. Compton Clean.

    I don’t need bike lanes, organic stores, or hire locally bullshit (leads too so much hiring corruption).

    I need good streets. Clean streets. Safe streets. A brightly lit city at night on all major roads. Parks that I feel safe with my kids. I prefer Not to feel intimidated or unsafe by having it as a local hangout for young adults. Drive by Gonzales Park in the afternoon if you don’t know what I am talking about. Better yet so you can experience what I am talking about. Park your car one block away and walk there.

    I have more to write about but I am tired and need to rest.

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