Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Compton City Controller suspended without pay

  1. I am very concern about loosing ANOTHER City Controller. Ms King brought policies and procedures to insure that another 3 million dollars do not walk out the door. Also, Ms King has integrity and will NOT do anything to compromise her ethical beliefs. Ms King, stand firm and do mot waiver on what is true and correct .

    I am really upset with the Mayor and t council’s action.What about the illegal marijuana shops that grew from 4 to 21 and they are open during the coronavirus. Council and Mayor is mot concerned about the creators in the streets.

    Let’s stop paying people back for campaign favors. That is what Trump is doing. 2Urbangirl, continue to report your truth!

  2. DAWN FRANKS started the charter training, that’s why the committee was formed, to my understanding! POLITICS

  3. Why would your say close all city facilities when they are planning to open city hall today. And why would you ask city employees to use up there time in times like this just pay them like they were at work. Bite the dang bullet show the employees you care

          1. They don’t give a flying shit about there employees, everywhere else is shutting down and they’re opening up! Time to get rid of the city management

            1. City employee here. Cant believe people complained about the zuritas and all the issues with that group. This new management group is playing the same shit game. New hires, new promotions. Everyone either knows someone or related. Same shit different day.just sad, but this is compton we talking about.

              There was some email thanking employees for working instead of staying home. Goofy and stupid shit saying govt employees are exempt from California stay at home directive. They still think the public gives a fuck about council meetings by going virtual and shit. City Hall should close down for 2 weeks and everyone stay the fuck home. Management JUST can’t stand niggas standing around collect a paycheck.

        1. Today employees found out that an employee has a relative with coronavirus. The employee mentioned days before that they couldn’t smell or taste. Most employees went home but City Hall is still open.

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