Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

2 thoughts on “Compton City Clerk admits her office played ‘switcheroo’ at polling locations

  1. It is time for Compton voters to vote corruption and misrespresentation out of Compton. It is time for full Dias change. If we want better we must vote better. Unlike those who see prentend things are good. I am going to let the facts and history speak for me. None of them are impressive or creative which is why our city is a hot damn mess. LEADERSHIP COMPTON IS CALLING YOU. I am researching. James Hays. I like what he and his wife have said about Compton. They seem to keep it real. Real is what we need.

  2. And your point is, exactly? I think it was handled well, even with the mistakes, which were well explained and apologized for in the city clerk’s letter quoted. Seems like someone who posted this has an axe to grind and in journalism, you never violate integrity by posting personal views, unless you’re a blog trying to pass itself off as a viable source of news, regardless of which major outlet picks up your byline. Not professional and I just don’t think it’s cool, your opening here. Just an observation. Read the NYT to find out how “real” journalism should be written, perhaps. Use of the “F” word, especially, reflects poorly on the writer and the digital portal. “Hackerism” is not journalistic fairness and objectivity in writing articles that will be well received, except for a very limited audience perhaps. Small potatoes, here. Well explained by the letter cited.

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