Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Compton Charter Committee set to shape future of city with no input from residents

  1. I am a kooooog time citizen of Compton, and am concerned over the lack of “REAL concern and care” for Compton. If appears that the City Government is nonon-compliant in performing their duties.

  2. 2Urbangirls: Thank you for writing about this issue.

    I have attended the Charter Committee to state that there is no open input from the committee. At the last meeting, the committee members voted not to hear citizens Charter comments until the end of the process, which is not fair to the citizens I have openly stated that they are rushing because of Council and Mayor’s timeline. I thought this committee was to solicit citizens comments not to exclude us. We live here too! My rights are being violated.

    The Charter Committee should cease all further changes until the citizens can fairly participate and Covid-19 is resolves I did inform the Council and Mayor too.

  3. The major issue we should be focusing on right now is the life and death issues surrounding the pandemic that we are facing and not the minor issues like this Compton charter. As usual Compton and its administrators are selfish, pitiful and petty in the way they see everything

    My suggestion is that business as usual be tabled until after the major issue (Corona virus) is under control .

  4. City employee here. The MFs dont give a damn what your feelings are, they just gonna do what they want.
    In most poor communities, the offixials are among the highest paid while rich cities are either volunteers or lower paid. Citizens dont got time to be worrying about shit that goes on in the city cause they too much stressing about making a living.
    Legrand clegg is still about black power and trying to make blacks the relevant power base in compton.
    On diffrent topic, i just saw the xouncil meeting tonight and it was stupid. Public comments?! Shit was read to satisfy a requirement and then onto the show. Nobody asked how the f@ck is spending money on some eoc gonna to assist with the covid19 NOW when everyone should be staying 6 feet from each other and businesses are losing money like crazy.

    I can imagine cornwell saying, theres a pandemic right now so lets run to the the eoc. Oh wait, i forgot we need to be away from each other, BUT we got new computers though and that is one of my strategies to handle the pandemic. Too f’ing smart for the council members who’ll followup and say ‘Sounds legit to me!!!!’
    Cant wait to retire and GTFO.

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