Sun. Sep 26th, 2021


  1. We should focus on tobacco cigarettes not flavors, we should ban all tobacco cigarettes that are 100% proven to harm and kill. This bill affects vape flavors. And Designed to lure?? Its illegal for a child or teenagers to uses or possess any nicotine product, so anyone willing to break the law is just making bad choices in general. Flavored vape is a great alternative for tobacco cigarette users to quit but i wouldn’t recommend it in any other circumstance. I personally use this flavored vape method since I’ve had children so i won’t affect there health since second hand smoke can be just as dangerous for the people around you. Tobacco flavors are Disgusting and i would rather use regular cigarettes and would have never been able to quit.

  2. “The great people of California”
    There’s the tell, right there.
    Trumpist language.

    If the capitalists in power can make a buck off people, or in this case, especially target African America children using flavored tobacco with its lifelong addictive nicotine, they will not hesitate. People I dearly loved were killed by cancers brought about by using nicotine, by smoking tobacco. I fought with myself for years to quit my own addiction to it. If our next generation never need face this struggle it would be a wonderful thing.

      1. Personal choice. Unarguably the worst decision I ever made.
        Addictions shackle people, erode their ability to make good, healthy, behavioral choices. Money and time spent on alcohol, tobacco, porn, things that offer temporary relief or satisfaction subtract from things that build people up long term. Why would anyone support the offer of choices such as these, especially when designed by monster companies to lure and hook young users into a lifetime of struggle? Would you, 2Urbangirls, offer flavored cigarettes to your child?

          1. You didn’t answer my question. Would you give a child or a teenager, yours or anyone else’s, an adulterated cigarette? In the name of freedom, would you offer a young, vulnerable person a proven addictive substance?

            1. this isn’t about “offering” to anyone. it is about ADULTS having the RIGHT to CHOOSE. adults are the ones hanging in front of liquor stores and tobacco shops buying on behalf of children. that should be a criminal offense.

        1. The above makes no sense if you live in a “free society”. So by your premise, we should have the right to choose to do whatever we want as long as what we are choosing to do fits YOUR personal definition of morality/good choices and does not, in your eyes, cause any “struggle”. To equate free choice to “offering” a child a cigarette is the kind of baseless argument that underlies the problems with these types of bills. As a parent, how about you go talk to all the other parents that apparently are NOT as vested enough in their children to talk to them about vaping, the dangers of their “choices” and why they should not experiment with vape.
          I love the “helicopter parents” that want to blame everyone else when their parenting fails. Kids can get hurt in a car as well, so do we mandate that all kids be wrapped in buble wrap to ride in a car or do we teach them to ride with safe drivers, wear thier seatbelts, an make good chices while driving/riding in a car? SMH….

  3. Question; How can you want to create a bill telling grown black folk what they can and cannot do.
    In case you miss the 1836 memo BLACK people are free!
    How about you all focus on the job you were elected to!

  4. This is the DUMBEST protest yet.

    Senate Bill 793 is NOT discriminatory or racist.

    Flavored tobacco, e-cigarettes, vaping and menthol cigarettes are BAD for your health!


    Calling everything racist takes away from REAL RACISM. It’s like crying wolf.

    The people out protesting SB793 look like FOOLS!!!

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