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29 thoughts on “Residents allege Clippers and Rams owner to offer Inglewood residents $1 million for their homes

  1. 10,000 votes is more than an individual needs to win an Inglewood City Council seats. If my memory serves me Butts received approximately 20,000 votes in his last election. Change doesn’t fall from the sky. It happens when people, neighborhoods and communities come together and work for a purpose. It’s not too late to change the direction the mayor and the Council have set us on. But change will have to come and collectively we still have the power. We need to exercise it before it’s too late.

  2. I have friends who live in both communities and they will try to confirm this information tomorrow. I can tell you right now that none of them would consider this offer. They are mid-30’s-40’s millennials. $1 million will not buy anyone a home in a gated community in a 20 mile radius. At least one person in each marriage grew up in the area and have parents who are also in the area. They all bought in their 20’s so the tax hit itself is not worth it. What I find interesting is that the “mayor” lives in one of these communities. He can try to go the eminent domain route but individuals in bot communities are educated. They will fight this until his term is up. One last thing regarding the “mini vegas” comment….this is something that the tribal indians would fight. That’s one of the reasons why this entire thing is odd because slot machines are illegal in California. The Indian casinos have them because their land is under federal jurisdiction.

    Before I was kicked out of the Eye on inglewood Facebook group for telling people that the food at a certain white owned restaurant wasn’t worth buying, I was very outspoken about how this was all going to be a parking nightmare. Many comments said the same, and the mayor always said that this would not be an issue. That should tell you that his plan was to remove people from their homes even though he said that it wouldn’t happen.

    1. The Mayor of Inglewood does not live in any of the tree gated communities.

      Mini Vegas does not include slot machines, it’s high end stores, eating and entertainment.

      This is going to happen due to the lack of parking at SoFi. 10k parking spots, what a joke. They knew exactly what was planned for the future.

  3. This all started when the citizens of Inglewood voted to allow the stadium to be built. If you didn’t see this coming, you are either naive or just plain stupid

    1. Dear insulting anonymous-get some facts lest you sound naive or stupid…Residents DID NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE EITHER FOR OR AGAINST THE STADIUM as the petition many signed requested !!

      The petition was to allow people to vote IF they wanted a stadium in the same way we voted when presented with the Stan Kroenke Walmart Shopping Center on the same land. In that vote residents said NO we want to protect our local small business owners.
      Following that Stan Kroenke helped to finance the Stadium petition signature gathering.

      James Butts and his “team” then bypassed the voters right-to-vote and proceeded to take the steps to approve the stadium by their 5 votes without concern for lack of parking, pollution impact, noise impact or traffic congestion near an earthquake fault.

      When the lie of the petition being that we wanted the stadium was challenged…Destruction of petition was placed on the agenda, then City Clerk Yvonne Horton refused to provide copies of the wording claiming it was destroyed prior to the council even voting on its destruction.

      The same council members voted to approve the stadium who voted for the public record destruction . George Dotson Alex Perez Eloy Morales and Ralph Franklin have always voted as the Mayor wishes without regard to impact on residents

  4. We were on the Zoom yesterday…not discussed. Oddly enough, board members were asked to stay on after it ended.

  5. We cannot ignore how the majority has proceeded in robbing us from the creation of generational wealth….Tulsa Ok, Bruce’s Beach and too many others. This article may not be true, but prepare for moves made against us. It’s inevitable.

  6. Good. The more the merrier. So glad the clippers are going to clean up that whole area. You guys are just mad you slept on everything over the years just to watch it all be taken from you because your priorities are all fucked up. So pack up and have fun in Moreno valley or Hemet once you sell Grandma’s house.

    1. This is one of the dumbest comments that I’ve read online, and that’s saying a lot because I follow gossip IG pages. The two communities that will be impacted by this, if true, are gated communities with an onsite guard. There is nothing to clean up in those neighborhood, and I’m almost positive that the only reason that you want to “gentrify Lennox” is because you couldn’t afford to buy in either one. It’s also telling that you believe that the people forced to sell would be selling grandma’s house. I am a mid-30’s millennial. I don’t live in either community, but friends who are the same age as I am do. We were able to buy homes in neighborhoods that we wanted to live in and didn’t need to the white man to fix where we live. Perhaps you should consider selling your home and moving to Texas. McAllen has plenty of brand new homes in the $250-300k range in neighborhoods that don’t have the undesirable traits that Lennox has.

    2. Where is Grandma’s Lava Soap - there is fool who needs a mouth washing and a good lecture says:

      So sad “Gentrify Lennox as well” writer is so ill informed and chooses to use his tongue to insult.
      Clearly the gated communities -the subject of this posting- don’t need cleaning up.

      So let’s assume you are referring to the vacant land where the Clipper Arena has been proposed. Much of the property that is vacant land was redevelopment purchases because way back when the Sports gods set their focus on the freeway/airport close project sites…….they persuaded politicians (who they contributed to) to purchase apartments and homes and leave them vacant to lower property values creating a haven for drugs and prostitutes by leaving empty city owned buildings standing until neighbors complained complained got newspapers involved and watched as promising businesses were denied planning permits. The community was promised good things ie the fabulous much then needed police station. That false promotion billboard appeared in multiple locations as the soon to be site promised in exchange for voters approving the casino extended hours. Oh the lies -community priority was public safety – politicians only wanted higher elected office.

      The vacant underutilized land was a calculated effort by some of the elected put in state and federal office – Inglewood homes were declared incompatible due to airport proximity and vacated while Lennox and Westchester homes closer to the airport received soundproof windows.
      So as some complain about the homeless perhaps they ought consider how many homes have been destroyed for the parking lots of Los Angles International Airport .

      This is our home, so please if you don’t live among us, stay in your oh so delightful world and keep your unkind words to yourself You have probably not met many of us and have no idea what our priorities are ……clearly your priorities do not include self education prior to displaying your ignorance. Your feeble attempts to sound as if you have arrived at a station in life where you are justified looking down on others could vanish with one unexpected medical complication or your income source becoming obsolete.

      You have unfortunately embarrassed your Grandmother wherever she might be.

  7. Carlton Square residents should be careful if they are considering the offer….a million dollars does not buy what it used to!

    Please check the surrounding community real estate prices if you are thinking of saying yes -you may be surprised how limited your options may be with only one million. Do you want to take on a mortgage?

    As for lack of notice All residents should have the opportunity to discuss any “use” changes.

    Residents of the area near Crenshaw and Imperial were not made aware of the Arroyo Group Plan to completely change their Neighborhood until it was a done deal.

    Residents near Warren Lane Elementary were not made aware of plans to close that school or of the offer of a third team owner billionaire to put muti-unit housing on the site.

    This administration has made it clear residents of Inglewood don’t matter. We are a nuisance to be dismissed, threatened, or have a false lawsuit filed to shut us up

    There is no question there is not enough parking for the 100,000 + 20,000 + 20,000 + 6,000 seats not to mention the jocks, entertainers, employees, high-end shoppers, football headquarters office workers etc, but the council approved the Kroenke Stadium and Arena.

    ya gotta ask why don’t the billionaires use the land they already own ? …..

    They could surround the stadium and the Forum with five story parking lots with the chump change in their pockets

    It is interesting that the residents/ property owners on the South side of the project were not offered fair market value by the billionaires, instead the city council opted eminent domain procedures and we paid attorney fees to acquire the property that was then given to the Billionaire.

    There once was a town not far from the ocean where community mattered …..and then a “team” was put in place to destroy open government participation for the benefit of two Billionaires who were too selfish to consider how many lives they would negatively impact in the name of their God Greed.

  8. This article is a lie, it’s garbage. They wouldn’t leave that info with the guard gate. Only the HOA would have it. It never happened.

      1. it reads as if Willie has been reincarnated !! So very sad when some try to attack those who try to bring awareness !

        News flash ANY change in use for every property in Inglewood should be conducted in City HALL and publicly noticed Unfortunately this administration has routinely divided and conquered by holding meetings with select groups with only minimum notice provided and falsely claiming that all impacted were in favor of all proposals

        This poor dear soul who claimed the report is a lie would probably say there were no fireworks in the sky over Inglewood July 4 cause his holy mayor said der wernt

  9. I live in Briarwood. Was not aware of a zoom as well. Was it recorded by the HOA? I Google this offering, and don’t see any notification.
    Please advise

  10. I’m highly disturbed by this news and want to be present at the next meeting! I too am a home owner in Carlton Square and demand answers to several questions regarding this plot and subsequent act of oppression!

    1. As you should. The Mayor has been selling this City forever. I’ve repeatedly been ringing this alarm

  11. Can’t wait for the day he’s no longer our Mayor. Look at his grin and the other fellas face.. You can tell they’re up to no good.

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