Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

2 thoughts on “City of Rialto: An Insider’s Perspective

  1. Wow 2Urban girls really bring the Truth…I like that! Don’t forget the El Rancho Verde Country Club that the Rialto City council let
    a greedy developer close and becomee a fire hazard and homeless park all over the failed Lytle Creek ranch project by a wealthy local developer here named Ron Pharris. Then you’ve got the insistence of the Rialto city council that systemic racism is a public health crisis an allegation easily disproved without any medical data or any other data to substantiate such a claim just an attempt to grab and distort the same Public Health special powers that have kept this country in a lockdown with COVID-19. PATHETIC !

  2. I lived there in Rialto from 1969 to 2013 and when I visit I still eat at the same places Cucas Coco Corky I didn’t care for the so called new eateries the town is a nice place to visit but more Motels are needed I like Rialto it’s a great place you can get involved with your City The Women’s Club The Police Volunteers Code Enforcement Farmers Market anything you enjoy doing I certainly belonged to all those mentioned

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