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5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative message is confusing

  1. The Initiative is a nice step forward, but so few people realize that LA is in such a mess that it will take a lot more than one more law to be ignored. Maybe, it is because the weather is so wonderful, that none of us realize how deeply corrupt all of Los Angeles has become. Our City Hall has the most corrupt city council in the nation and that is due in large measure to the fact that the courts are horrible corrupt.

    When I step outside and see the green grass and the lovely trees in our part of Los Angeles (Los Feliz), I too have trouble remembering what a mess we have for government. Following is only a tidbit that describes why citizens were forced to push for this Initiative after Judge Goodman shoved all the Hollywoodians out of the planning process. Just when you think you’ve had a victory, you discover that you’ve been stabbed in the back.

    http://bit.ly/1QteQKO January 24, 2016, Zwartz Talk, How Judge Allan Goodman’s Bait ‘N Switch on the Hollywood Community Plan Forced Citizens to Bring the Moratorium Ballot Initiative, by Scott Zwartz

      1. “Affordable Housing” is a very complex issue as the term “affordable Housing” has two meanings.

        (1) Housing which people can afford, often this means rent controlled

        (2) Housing built under some statute and allegedly is to help poor people

        There is a claim that developers tear down rent controlled units (affordable housing) and replace them with fewer statutory “Affordable Housing” which is considerably more expensive as it has lost its rent control base.

      2. I see you also asked about whether the developer can be forced to add statutory “affordable Housing” when there is no public money.

        Answer: Yes, sort of

        If it is 100% By Right and they want no exceptions and will follow the zones and specific plans, then I do not know any way they can be forced to add Affordable Housing.

        But the problem we are facing are developers who do not want to build By Right. In those situations, it usually works out that the developer invokes something like SB 1818 which allows him to break a lot of zoning codes if he adds statutory “Affordable Housing.”

        The most important thing to remember is that whatever the developer and the councilman agree becomes the project without regard to the law. Once a development project is placed on the city council agenda, it will receive unanimous approval even if no one votes for it.

        LA is unique in that no councilmember needs for any development in order for it pass unanimously. So in reality, the LA city council has no real voting. All it takes is for the developer and the councilmember to strike a deal and the unanimous approval automatically follows.

        1. Aside from the fact that CP&DR is a pr outlet, it was shared that there is a lawsuit on the books, forbidding the city from mandating affordable housing.


          And if that’s the case, council is continuously awarding developers the authority to increase housing units, under the guise that “affordable housing” is part of the package, then somehow manage to be “shocked” when the rent is market rate.

          If the intent of the initiative is to prevent corruption, passing this initiative almost appears to encourage more corruption.

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