Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “City of Inglewood to Destroy Residential Soundproofing Records

  1. This situation is very upsetting. My house is located under the flight path and yet our home cannot be serviced by Inglewood even though we are within the Inglewood city boundary. According to their map, given to them by LAWW, our area doesn’t qualify for the sound insulation program. My house is located on Burin Ave. Between 102nd and 104th. I feel that they don’t ant to service us just because we are located in a low income area. According to the map the noise level produced by airplanes in our block is 65 decibels. Areas with the same noise level are being serviced. I feel this is unjust and we are being left out because our side of the neighborhood is considered a low income area.

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