Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

9 thoughts on “City of Inglewood releases personal injury claim filed by mayor’s ex-girlfriend

  1. This is disgraceful all the way around. Inglewood didn’t need this foolishness just the City seems to be getting itself on a better footing. Not sure why anyone thought this relationship happening in the workplace was a good idea. If the Mayor had been thinking properly, he would have used his influence to get her employment elsewhere. But clearly, she’s no saint in all of this. She’s lucky nobody filed any criminal charges against her. But even with that, the stench of the Mayor’s actions makes it likely the girlfriend and her attorney will get $$$ and the Inglewood taxpayers will get screwed — once again. So damn disappointed in the whole damn bunch of ’em.

  2. Oh my I need a seamstress —
    My “I told you this would happen “ t-shirt ran out of space —

    Can anyone design a wedding dress type train for it?

    I think a train would work much better than the suggested book page with Velcro idea because I would have to stand still too long.

    Consider how on camera and in public this Butts has mistreated women -Elected Judy Dunlap, Elected Wanda Brown , Community member’s, If this was best behavior in the view of others , what are the chances he was better more gracious without cameras and in public view

  3. Sounds like a money grab to me.

    In my opinion, Melanie’s case is NOT even worth $12,000 at this point let alone the $12,000,000 she is asking for especially since the city has proof she committed several felonies that have nothing to do with the mayor while working at city hall.

    Maybe without that proof she would have walked away with a little bit of money, most of which would have gone to her attorneys, but with the proof the city has I’m betting she gets nothing.

    1. Well how did the city reprimand the payroll manager who falsified her IRS withholdings? Where’s Maria Heaneys accountability for doing it?

      So melanies assistant filed a complaint against her after doing all the things asked of her? Wasn’t she expecting favorable treatment in the housing lottery?

      The only concern is the false billing submitted by the photographer.

    2. Who didn’t see this coming – the blind / deaf man who lives on a deserted island?

      This month a check was written for work not performed and money was spent without proper procedures – who will be fired for that violation of policy? Did you not read the State Controller’s audit?

      Who will be terminated for the irresponsible hiring, promoting, and creating of positions/job titles for a specific person , not posting those positions so others who are more qualified might apply and for permitting a supervisor/subordinate situation involving romantic (?aka user) entanglement ?

      Human Resource common sense would never have allowed for the possibility of this situation.
      Why did the Human resource Director, City Manager, Deputy/ Assistant City Manager not stand up and say NO YOU CAN’T use taxpayer money to reward your girl friend?
      Why was it okay for all this textbook wrong allowed ….until ….the sexual gratification was ended and then magically she was outed in the newspaper rather than keeping personnel matters confidential as all police involved reprimands are?

      Ya gotta wonder…. hmmmm….where were all those always-on-campaign-literature-preachers when it became obvious that a married man was using tax money to reward his girl friend not with dinner and flowers but taxpayer finances quarter mil job?

      And still some want to blame the woman …..while many men continue in their “please the bully” no-matter-what-SUPPORTING SILENCE…..

      Perhaps McDade should receive one million for each elected and fellow employee and commissioner who did not stand up and say NO you can not set this predictable train wreck in motion…..However that million each should come from their personal assets — Lord knows as much taxpayers pay the elected and employees them should be able to write checks on a moments notice.

      How many MISSED THE OBVIOUS McDade would not have been able to do the wrong she was terminated for if she had not been placed in positions of authority. And no she would not be an employee at all if she had not been THE MAYOR’S campaign aid.
      How many burst into laughter when they read she should speak to…….
      How foolish is it for anyone to ever TRY TO TELL A WOMAN WHO SHE MAY NOT SPEAK TO….that is classic invitation to tweet, create a website, find a microphone and write a book ?!!!! Just think of the title possibilities


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