Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “City of Inglewood: Notice of Public Hearing to raise certain fees in the water department

  1. What a shame, Inglewood and Compton are so alike; if they elected officials don’t get their way from the residents, they’ll conspired to come up with another way to try and what they want.
    The sad part of all is who is thinking of the seniors, working poor residents that are trying to hold on and live in peace.
    I ask you so call leaders is this loving our neighbors as we do ourselves.
    Stop this nonsense and provide safe an equality to this life.

  2. Wow since the sale of property tax was rejected by the Inglewood residents now the council is raising the tax on our water if they don’t get us one way they come right back a different way Inglewood city government need drastic changes

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