Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

9 thoughts on “City of Inglewood confirms June protests at City Hall and the Forum were non-permitted events

  1. Nice work. And of course the four Overpaids sitting around him immediately took action to stop this.

  2. Glad I left that corrupt ass city! It’s gonna come down to another petty ass black run city when Butts and crew gets busted. All that crew is going to jail.

  3. I would just like to know when Wanda Brown was complaining about Butt and his spending no one took her seriously.

  4. When this organizer called the police station, she was told no permits were needed. Not sure how the payment to Mr Black has anything to do with a peaceful protest walk??

    1. For clarity we inquired if either event were permitted and the response came back no. The issue with Guy Black is it was a non-permitted event that a payment was attached to, which should’ve never happened. Still really unclear on how the check description was for an event that technically wasn’t on the city’s books.

    2. If Mr Butts chooses to “sponsor” any event Peaceful, Glamorous, Self gratifying or otherwise it should be with HIS OWN funds not those which taxpayers are required to pay . His personal likes, projects, or thrills should be funded from his and his wives (since they have not divorced – it is community property) personal accounts!
      City Funds should be used for those pesky “resident services” that meet the needs of all residents not one or two or “special friend-employee” wants.
      Perhaps the “organizer” should have reviewed the actions of Mr Butts -denying Miranda Rights, Destroying Police Abuse Records, Denying City wide elected female to provide reports to the public…. Yes BLACK LIVES DO MATTER unfortunately Mr Butts seems to believe that only when it provides him with positive media attention Clearly following the rules of transparency do not matter to him at all.

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