Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

7 thoughts on “City of Inglewood is getting major press

  1. “BET discussed Being Mary Jane’s 2nd Season back in November 2014. How did Mara Brock Akil know about the Inglewood stadium before Inglewood residents and the public found out January 5, 2015?”

    ESPN was writing about Kroenke owning the 60 acre parcel in January of 2014. Given that there was rampant speculation at that time that he would build a stadium, it’s reasonable to assume that Akil used that info when writing the lines for her fictional characters to say. It’s timely, it’s interesting – and that’s what makes for compelling TV. That doesn’t make it true however.

    Next you’ll be saying that Shonda Rhimes based Grey’s Anatomy on the goings-on at a real hospital.

    1. I inquired of Ms. Akil and didn’t get an answer, although she responded to the question prior. Either way there are many details that have been overlooked on the Inglewood project and its also amazing to know how many people haven’t read the initiative in the first place.

  2. This is a great connection. I noticed that it seemed familiar but couldn’t get my barrings on why?

    We have worked hard at maintaining urban middle class neighborhoods and soon as the city does well……gentrification.

    1. So….are you suggesting that what is being built at Hollywood Park is bad? Would you have preferred to see a cluster of 99 Cent and other down-and-dirty type discount stores, fast food outlets, perhaps an EDD office, a Salvation Army Thrift Store, a 7-11, a laundromat, a Subway and an auto parts store with a grease stained parking lot – with the other half of the storefronts being vacant? Because I see a LOT of that type of stuff when I drive around what you longingly refer to as our “urban middle class neighborhood”.

      Inglewood needs structures and businesses that will generate tax revenues. Housing won’t provide enough revenue so the city needs to pursue car dealerships, large retailers, hotels, performance venues, fine dining restaurants, etc. THESE are the things that I expect in a middle class existence. As it stands now, I have to leave town to find it. A nice middle class existence also includes having your streets paved, your trees trimmed, your sidewalks fixed, your water and sewer infrastructure maintained and upgraded. To do that the city needs tax revenue.

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