Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

7 thoughts on “City of Compton voter rolls updated by LA County Registrar’s Office

  1. Who is responsible for keeping the voter registration list up to date? I know this year, with the covic situation, was difficult for us to have regular voting practices but I don’t think we were prepared enough to have an all “vote by mail” election. Did anyone look into the last time the voters list was updated? How many people have moved or just don’t exist anymore? something to think about. Perhaps this will put a fire under the person or persons to get their act together and do the right thing, which falls under their job classification. (Plus, I am all for showing your ID at polling places)

  2. From an Election Integrity Project Report:
    “The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was passed by Congress on October 29, 2002. Among many things, it mandated that states with voter registration requirements for federal elections implement a “single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive, computerized statewide voter registration list” that is defined, maintained and administered at the state level. This single database is required to list every legally registered voter in the state and is to be the official record of all registered voters. … Yet after more than a decade, California holds the distinction of being the only state without a HAVA-required central voter registration database. … Latest
    VoteCal Contract Awarded to Failed Healthcare.gov Designer CGI … Though the MOA required VoteCal to be “expedited”, present plans call for it not to be implemented until at least mid-2016, a dozen years after compliance required by HAVA. … Given these developments, EIP has serious concerns about if, when, and how VoteCal will be implemented. … List maintenance which varies by county causes citizens to bear unequal risks of mistakes and fraud based on the county in which each resides. This report will also show deficiencies in cross-county list maintenance resulting from the state’s lack of centralized voter list maintenance. … Despite the state’s deficiencies in voter list maintenance and no HAVA database, Governor Brown authorized an on-line registration system that launched on September 19, 2012 one month before the October 22 registration cut-off date for the general election. News reports at that time suggested that on-line registration was implemented to boost college-age registrations and help pass the Proposition 30 tax increase that was on the ballot. More than 500,000 Californians registered on line, many on or near the October 22, 2012 deadline. … However, EIP does not know the extent of voting fraud that it cannot measure, such as non-citizen and felony voting, impersonation of ‘non-voters’ on the active rolls and voting by ‘non-existent’ persons committing registration fraud.”

  3. Why is part of this letter blacked out? And, until I can get a revised copy of the voter list to compare it with the list that I currently have in my possession, I won’t believe what this letter says. Last year Lynn Boone, Jasper Jackson and I had a meeting with the folks in Norwalk and we were promised an audit of the voter list for the entire city would take place then. We are still waiting for that to happen. I do not trust anything being done today by anyone at the rrcc’s office in Norwalk!

      1. Thanks for the update. We’ve been expecting this to finally happen. I got my late mom’s name removed finally too. Easy to get a list from the senior center and elsewhere and since no ID is legally required at polling places, I’ve been courteous enough to show my ID, even though not requested when I’ve voted in recent times. It’s been a huge concern and seems it’s been finally vetted. Compton deserves this and now we can breathe easier knowing that the security hole has been addressed. This city is full of sketchy characters who would take advantage of such a long standing problem that affects all of us desiring a fair and legal process to proceed without issues. Voters deserve fairness and integrity at the polls. Now on to the final chapter for this highly contested two races we’re facing on June 2nd. There are always doubters in the ranks. Yet I have to believe this will make a key difference in the outcome for everyone this election. I appreciate your website, since it’s inception. God Bless.

        1. What happeed to the days of poll workers living in the precinct they are working? That would be a huge help too, especially with the number of residents out of work. ID wouldn’t be needed because you know who your neighbor(s) are.

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