Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

2 thoughts on “City of Compton to ban all marijuana related activities

  1. <> Yes, it is a coincedence, just like when the potholes get filled or new pavement goes down right before the elections.

  2. This was the first reading of the ordinance and It did not pass review. District 2 Councilperson wanted it brought back with provisions that allow hospice care patients to get their medicine (which by the way is covered under law.)
    His protest was actually just a sophisticated smokescreen to allow deliveries of marijuana in the city. He read from his phone, the exact language he wanted in the ordinance. Many suspect that “Mr. Colorado” (a Compton outsider at the hearing) was actually feeding him his lines
    City Attorney Cornwell did a great job in writing this. Why we can’t get 3 votes to pass this wonderful ordinance is beyond me, but it will make April Elections very interesting.
    Next steps. Ordinance will be brought back with the amendments, and another public hearing and first reading will be scheduled. This could literally go on forever, but the people are tired!

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