Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

3 thoughts on “City of Compton to award $625,000 contract for illegal dumping cleanups

  1. Why won’t they do what they have been telling us they would do? They have been saying forever that they were going to install cameras in areas where illegal dumping is prevalent and hold the violators accountable. Why not address the source of the problem, the violators? If half of that money were spent on cameras for prevention they would become proactive in addressing and eliminating the problem. When that contract expires, do same thing again,then again…

  2. The best crew is the blue crew! District 3&4 crew has done more alleys and a better job then District 1&2. It’s unfortunate that the guys who done 1&2 are related to someone dealing with the contracts. They done less alleys and less work. Compton is so corrupt!

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