Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

3 thoughts on “City of Compton sued by Compton Unified

  1. At a meeting of the Community Policing Task Force last Thursday we were told that several “pot shops” have been shut down, but for legal reasons, there are lengthy processes that have to be taken to shut down some others. To me this does not make sense. They do not have a business license so code enforcement should be able to order them to cease and desist immediately the sale of any pot.

  2. WOW should we applaud the ignorance of a school district suing the City it resides in about WEED? It would seem to me that we are watching tax funded litigation vs tax funded defense of litigation by two entities that are tax funded. Who is the loser ME the tax paying citizen. POLITICS as usual smdh. STOP wasting MY tax money with this bull$hit. The School District needs to GRADUATE more than 60% and the City needs to stop dragging its feet with these raggedy streets, FIX THEM. If I hear anymore stupid $hit like this I am going to see if we can’t have them all put on a 72 hour hold. Don’t waste MY tax money with this $hit.

    1. Many residents complain of the city’s failure to enforce the municipal code. There is also confusion as to who it to enforce: the Chief Building Inspector, Code Enforcement or the Sheriff. The city attorney is just as clueless in this article http://abc7.com/621137/

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