Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “City of Compton Still Facing Drastic Budget Shortfall

  1. This is what idiots get for voting for measure p. No sunset clause. No language to specifically allocate the money for streets, but just voting on the hope that streets are gonna be fixed.

    Street repairs? LMAO!! look for fund 1004. That is the measure p placed in an account to make it distinct but really general fund money that can be spent any way and any how the city wants.

    Check out the proposed budget and look at public works. Any measure p money (fund 1004). Yeah, if you lchecked it out, you’d notice it’s pennies compared to the total amount of measure p received.

    Check out the least few agenda items and look at the funding sources for some of the items. Measure p again.

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