Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

3 thoughts on “City of Compton seeks to strengthen conflict of interest code

  1. Just when you think Compton sorry leadership can’t do anything else to show their stupidity, here comes some more BS they came up with.
    Lord help the residents of Compton 🙏

  2. You laid off the majority of directors, and now you ACTING hard and strong against possible corruption. GEt outta here with the BS

  3. I am one of Compton’s residence that on several occasions requested copies of the 700 forms for the elected officials. I went through the Public Request process, to receive nothing. It’s a known fact throughout the City the game is “Pay to Play in the City of Compton”.
    The protection has always come from the “City Clerk’s office”. So why now Compton’s City Clerk Alita Godwin are you requesting the Mayor and Council members to amend “The Conflict of Interest Code? WHY?
    People you have to show up and Vote on April 20, 2021, All of these Elected Officials must Go , We MUST Change! Just like the change that took place in the Presidential Election, We United and Voted.
    This Will be the strategy for April 20, 2021’s Election. Compton has no room for a “Dictator“

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