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7 thoughts on “City of Compton seeks to expand surveillance of residents

  1. First let me make a correction. The shooting took place on April 16th. I arrived at the park a few hours after the man was killed for a town hall meeting to discuss crime in the area with LASD. When I learned of what happened I immediately sent an email to Councilwoman Arceneaux and Chief Jon Thompson to ask if the the cameras had captured the shooting and if a suspect had been seen on the video tape. During last night’s council meeting I got my answer. The entire system had been turned off. This is unacceptable! This is inexcusable! This is outrageous! Just 3 weeks ago Chief Jon Thompson stood at the podium in a council meeting and reported that “all cameras are up and working”. I have demanded a complete investigation from both the city and LASD as to why these cameras were not working when we needed them the most, while a young man was being shot and killed in a Compton City park.

  2. The only thing worse than “Bad News” is when someone (writer) attempts to mislead readers by skewing FACTS. .

    Tell the truth, this blog post titled ” City of Compton seeks to expand surveillance of residents” is misleading. The posts reference to resolution on April 14, 2015 has nothing to do with the illegal 9-day aerial survillance operation conducted by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department in 2012 in that case neither residents or elected officials were notified see

    for accurate timeline.

    Regarding the resolution you wrote of in your post below is the copy pasted version unedited. (Link as well to review):
    Pg. 61-65


    The Public Works and Municipal Utilities Department (“Department”) is in the process of deploying a state-of-the-art TMOC to manage and control a total of one hundred and twelve (112) signalized intersections. Due to budgetary constraints the project will be implemented in two (2) phases: Phase I consisting of forty-seven (47) intersections and Phase II consisting of sixty-five (65) intersections. In the current fiscal year only Phase I is planned for implementation. Pursuant to Resolution No. 23,819, adopted on September 3, 2013, Econolite was awarded the contract to install the Centracs ATMS for the TMOC Project. The major components of the TMOC Phase I are:

    1. Installation of a wireless Ethernet network (radio antennas) at forty seven (47) distinct signalized intersections as general traffic data collectors/transmitters.
    2. Installation of five (5) aggregating radio antennas atop the Compton Courthouse to collect and redirect all data from the general traffic collectors/transmitters back to the Martin Luther King Transit Center (“MLKTC”) for processing by the Centracs ATMS unit.
    3. Installation of all components of the Centrac ATMS unit at MLKTC.
    The Compton Courthouse building is managed by the Judicial Council of California (“Judicial Council”). After several attempts to expedite the rooftop access application process with the Judicial Council, the City was informed by the Judicial Council’s facilities manager that due to the recent deployment of the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (“LA-RICS”) project at the Compton Courthouse rooftop, access for any other projects had been cancelled for the next one hundred and twenty (120) days. This delay has caused the City to look for other alternatives to proceed with the installation of the five (5) aggregating radio antennas required for TMOC Project.
    A feasibility study to relocate the installation of the five (5) aggregating radio antennas from the prime location atop Compton Courthouse building was conducted and two (2) other possible locations were identified:
    1. LA Crystal Hotel located at 123 East Artesia Boulevard, Compton. The height of the nine-story building was deemed adequate to overcome most line-of-sight wireless issues but due to its location on the City’s southern terminus this option requires the installation of costly additional wireless repeaters. This option was abandoned after making several attempts to discuss with the Hotel’s management staff the granting of a license to install antennas on the rooftop area.
    2. MLKTC located at 310 North Willowbrook Avenue, Compton. The main advantage of using this geographical location for both the Centracs ATMS unit and all aggregating points is that only one (1) central aggregating antenna is needed to collect the wireless data from all repeaters across the City. However, the height of the two-story building was deemed inadequate to overcome most line-of-sight wireless issues which would require that the single aggregating antenna to be installed on top of a mast at least thirty (30) feet high, incorporating both structural and aesthetical issues into the redesign process. This option also requires the installation of costly additional wireless repeaters.

    The camera project is a 7 year program that is complete only requiring installation of antennas to provide wireless to the set cameras for additional operation. Due to fesiability regarding roof top access of the Los Angeles County Courthouse Building ttallest building in Compton) for installation of wireless antennas and additionally intergrating a separate Compton Fire Department wireless need for their EMS services their was a price change.

    The truth is unfortunately not as exciting as your misleading story. My 20 min of time allocated to responding to this post are up. Have a great day.

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to explain to your fellow Compton residents but the truth is, the program is expanding, and the article contained a reference via the Compton Bulletin which described the phases the program would roll out. Having money to surveillance residents as opposed to fixing streets, is perplexing. The money they are spending on the surveillance derived from Measure R funds, for the specific purpose of fixing the streets. City of LA Measure R funds went towards the Crenshaw/LAX line.

      Where did Compton’s Measure R funds go?

      1. Wrong the majority of the money came from lease revenue bonds. Taken out for senior/community center and covertly for Perrodin to bring back CPD.

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