Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

46 thoughts on “City of Compton racks up $6 million in legal fees to oust former Human Resources Director

  1. If they would stop hiring family just to get over on the residence things may be better. Look how city clerk hired her son’s girlfriend as PBX operator. And only because she didn’t want her grandchild to be born in a county hospital. And look how Mayor hired her husband in a cushy job. What qulifications did either have except nepatisum in the city. Hire your family and friends over others that really know a job.
    We all must get our butts out and vote these people out of office fast and a hurry.

  2. We are not lambs to the slaughyer. We are Compton resdients who can make a change if we harness pur collective power despite who is the Mayor. I bought myself a trash grabber and once a week I clean from the corner of my property down the street. As I have cleaned I have seen less and less trash swern about. I pay taxes and I own my home and I am under 50 . But I just do my part. I want to promote that we walk our neighboorhoods together and donown part. We have excessive homeless in our area who trash Compton. I am going to start going to sll the food truck to hsve them place trash bags and signs To Keep Compton clean. Maybe be futilee effort but at least I am doing something. Imagine if we all decided to dedicate one evening to walk our neighborhood and find how we can make difference. At the same time pack the City Council meetings and cast a more inforned vot during elections.. I digress to state Black and Brown citizens of Compton should be more unified: we have a shared reality.

  3. It’s Time For a Hispanic Leadership Handover, & if his idea bothers
    you Then your part of the Problem & Enough is Enough.Downey,Maywood, Huntington Park,South Gate, Bell, Lynwood, is proof of the fact that Where’s there’s Black Only Leadership, Holding City Managing top positions There’s ALWAYS CURUPTION IM sorry 2 But Someone Had 2 Come out & Finally say it.

    1. What do you mean a Hispanic leadership hand over? Are you saying they should hand the leadership over to a Hispanic? If so then you might wanna do some more homework on some of those cities you named because a few of them where ran by Hispanics and those same ones where also ripping off those cities leading to them being fired. If thats not what you meant then disregard my comment.

    2. Ms. Brown,

      Corruption has nothing to do with color corruption is in ones character! It is very unfortunate that you don’t know this and believe it is ok to share that very narrow thought. There are corrupt people of every race. I could give you a lot of examples, but you get the point.

  4. It’s time to clean house this just don’t make since. These legal fees is just another way of stealing please give me a break.

  5. 6 millions dollars.

    Can ya guess who the smart ass city attorney was back then? Its craig “low self esteem” cornball and his fuking smart crew of case managers. Craig is now city manager and his self esteem has gotten lower. Its dangling around my anus now. Gotta be embarassing for this info to be out in the open. Would’ve been cheaper to just hire her asss back, pay her 150k and make her sit in a fuking corner.
    She’ll probably retire n 10-20 years but thats still cheaper than 6 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

    The crew of city attorneys *cough cough* should just be fired and hired back as case managers. Can’t stand the shit that they ALL make over 100 thousand but can’t go represent compton in court against kareemah.

    Compton will always be Compton. It is always about ego and who the fuk you know, and if ya dont know- i heard that DJ Quiks son works in Compton. Yes, that DJ Quik. The rapper who sang Sweet Black Pussy.

    And if ya dont know, all city management and elected officials reads this website about Compton and keeps pondering and then go scratching their asses wondering who Anon is

  6. Perhaps this can be a learning experience ? When first running for office didn’t anyone check to see if the campaign claims were true? Ms Brown included a list of not quite trues in her experience claims …..If someone lies when they are running for public office what makes anyone believe they will do what is right once they are elected? If it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t
    Please vote carefully! The the life the elected mess with my be your own.

  7. Just looking at the hourly rates to be paid for by the City sickens me!
    $290, $295, $300, $400, $650, $800 per hour charges for what on whom?

    1. CoachJames, I assume you are not a math major because you hourly rates you provided are not accurate or make any sense. That would mean the lowest paid employee makes $600k and the highest $1.6 million

      1. Coach James was referring to the rates the city was being charged by the law firm, not employee salaries… see the legal brief that is part of the article.

    2. CoachJames, I assume you are not a math major because you hourly rates you provided are not accurate or make any sense. That would mean the lowest paid employee makes $600k and the highest $1.6 million

  8. Well when you got corruption from the law along with blacks & Latinos don’t get along, Ms Brown You suck there’s so many streets with big holes still very uncalled for I would like my money for all 8 tires 3 diff cars not cool you need a big wheel car in order to not get a flat and tear up your tire OMG I’m a lady I can’t change a tire unless 911 God’s will it’s worst than tiajuana Mexico so so sad and you are a mayor okaaay priorities are pit holes yes do I have story’s but f popos I new 4 over 15 to 20 years sheriff’s were cops in uniform come on it takes a gangster to know a gangster.

  9. Compton is a pice of shit from city hall to the cops to the ppl who live thier this city is trash and will always be trash people litter amd are messy homeowners or people who rent think they own the place becouse the pay a few bucks and the gangs think thier ruff but in reality are broke not like other cities who have gangs who put in work and for the community

    1. Anonymous, have you ever lived in the city of Compton, ever?? No city is perfect and I know that you are aware of that but to call the city and it’s residents trash is very unnecessary. Compton is no different than any of it’s surrounding cities except for the fact that it gets the most attention in the media whenever there’s a problem.

      1. Compton is very different from other cities. Residents dump trash everywhere. Guess they love living in filth. They crash their vehicles just about everywhere. If you can’t smell the filth it’s because of the marijuana stench.

    2. Oh my goodness! All off these misspelled words you should have not even typed this comment. A 10 year old could have explained themselves better than this. I’m trying to follow what your point is, but don’t understand it. You think Compton is —- , you say “the people who live THERE (correct word usage) this city is trash” so if you live in the beautiful (my word usage) City of Compton since you said “this” don’t down the City do something to make it a better place for you.

  10. We need more information on how the Director is a member of a union while holding an Executive position. Why couldn’t the city pay this person’s contract out and release them from the job.

    1. I remember Karimma Bradford
      When I used to work in a car dealership back in a few years ago which she came in to our dealership to purchase a car and keep saying she was the HR director for the city of Compton and was suing the city (keep mentioning that several times
      I had never seen any body with such a nasty attitude in my life.
      I always wondered how a person like her can even get a job
      I feel so sad for our tax paying money to go waisted in such a corrupted system.
      I hope neither her or those lawyers get a penny .
      They do not deserve a penny from our tax money.

      1. Why the nasty attitude if she wants to tell you she is suing the city? Not a big deal.

        Now for your dumb ass comments about now receiving a penny, those money are already in their bank accounts YEARS ago.
        My take is that if they tried to fire her and it failed, then bring her ass back, BUT NO. Craig Cornwell, the City Attorney, at that time wants to fuck around and continue challenging her. And now we finding out how much it is

  11. Well this answers how my application was straight out rejected while I received interviews and a job offer for similar positions that paid between 15-30% more at other public agencies. When I received the reject notice I attempted to contact HR management to see if it there was a clerical error, but I ended up playing phone tag with them, so I assumed they already had someone mind.

    1. You need to know how shit works in compton city hall Its not about what the fuck you know or how smart your ass is. Its who the fuck you know.
      Now u just move on cuz u dont know anyone there

      1. Actually I do “know” some people in the city because I previously worked within the city limits, that’s why I even bothered putting in an application in the first place. I just don’t believe in making “those” type phone calls to get a position that is supposed to be open and competitive. Most every position I have worked in my adult life I have earned, and I do not believe in owing any “special favors” to anyone that would cause me to compromise my professional conduct or work product.

  12. Aja please stay away from the cameras , Have respect for the families that have payed city taxes for decades , have respect for yourself instead of trying too look good. Stop hanging out with percy Miller , and do your job !! Money and being popular isn’t doing the right thing , or doing right by the people of compton. As of now , Compton city hall and the city of compton is a mess. Shame on you and Craig Cornwell !!

  13. It’s our own fault for not participating in local elections and letting crooks just swoop in on these positions of “power.”

  14. Bradford hired two uneducated, unqualified, and against city hiring policy/practices (Manuel Earles and Marvin Hunt) to top positions in a “tit for tat” scheme. Was her friends and family plan.

    1. I am a retiree of the City, the City Manager hires ALL Directors, HR processes their request. Whoever this other guy is, would have been hired by his Department Director. Educate yourself in the process or be quiet After 30 years of service, I know what goes on, the City Manager signs off on EVERY HIRE Before and after the final selection.

      1. So the city manager and HR must’ve known they hired a convicted felon? Shows how much you know what goes on, SA!

      2. So the city manager and HR must’ve known they hired a convicted felon? Shows how much you know what goes on, SA!

    2. Jerome Brown, must be a Aja supporter, she hates all employees who aren’t her family and friends. I am recently retired from the City and the City Manager hires ALL Directors and the City Manager approves all hires Before and After they are selected. Get your facts straight, City Manager and Elected Officials interfere and have done this for many years.

    3. Employees are on a 1 year probation when hired if these individuals were not able to do the job they would not pass probation and have years of service under their belt. MH even retired from my understanding. Some people think they know what they are speaking of but really don’t!

  15. And the hits just keep on coming !
    We local taxpayers are greatly penalized just by the simple fact of having clueless and indifferent leadership in our city. This is just one example of how they are costing us money every day they are there. There are also many other examples.
    Perhaps one of the most obvious is how property owners are LOSING money each day through depressed property values caused by conditions
    that the city is responsible for, despite having some of the highest property taxes and sales taxes in Cal.
    and getting nothing in return on their investments. This is not happening in neighboring cities. Some other factors are poor schools, high crime rate, city’s fiscal condition and budget deficit, city’s zero credit rating, and totally collapsed infrastructure.

    1. I love it when citizens talk about “return on investment”. Compton continues to be a “money pit”. When put hose high property taxes and sales taxes into the pit hoping something good will come of it. It doesn’t happen. Legal fees, buyouts, misappropriation, mismanagement. This is the ROI.

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