Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

3 thoughts on “City of Compton Public Works Director Placed on Admin Leave

  1. I find it highly offensive that when we had the chance for the better crook must of us fell for the bamboozle AGAIN. Yes, Omar had his tricks but he fix the streets and our water bills were wonderfully affordable considering we have the highest taxes in the the who damn county. Mrs. Brown with a new tax for your ass everytime she open her mouth is a joke that we are stuck with for the moment. With no viable new leadership in site. Which is why she has gotten away with her neglect because at the end of the day all city employees work for her.. I agree with the one comment about the dull and often not enough street lights. And I’ll just be damned that Measure P only bought the city hot patching for EXTREMELY delapidated streets oppose to the promise of complete new streets. Still going North, South, East or West, you know without doubt and much dismay that you are leaving and or entering Compton. I am fed the fuck up with it all. Let not talk about the city sidewalk maintenance. We are somewhere caught in the middle of the dessert or TiJuana Mexico. Even the new structure have been just sitting without tenant occupancy. And when it is occupied it don’t serve ALL the community. Trust me if I could just pick and leave I would. But I can’t just yet. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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