Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Chevron partners with Hawthorne mayor to provide fuel cards to residents affected by COVID-19

  1. I wanted to add that as soon as I’ve seen Nate with his statements, I started to look further. So I looked into Chevron’s website and there is no press release on their part. Looked into neighboring news press such as Daily Breeze and Hawthorne Press Tribune. Nothing in the newspaper media at all (including LA Times). I even searched further into the city of Hawthorne web page and there is no announcement about this free gas card that Chevron is donating. I looked into Rod Spackman and he exists. However, this statemnet from him is no where to be found other than Vargas Facebook. Sadly, I’m doubting Vargas even more so now than ever before. His efforts, especially Cheveron’s gas card donation, sounds a bit suspicious to me. Are they (Cheveron) giving them out or is Vargas using the cities money to give to certain select few? I hope Inglewood gets a piece of Cheveron’s generosity. Keep us posted! 🙂 Be safe and stay healthy.

  2. Instructions also say to call the number and I did. No response. This is so misleading. Chevron is doing this all over the South Bay. Vargas makes it seem that he arranged this but it’s being done for all South Bay cities. It’s $110,000 across all the cities and not just Hawthorne. Hawthorne is not getting all the money. I’m calling Chevron to verify the truth on this. Very disappointing but typical.

  3. Why are you posting this? It’s not even real. Call the number and no on answers. Go to Chevron South Bay Refinery and nothing is there. Where did you get this information. I tried to sign up but it looks fake to me.

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