Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

1 thought on “Carson Sheriff’s station gets new Captain

  1. If service and security are your main priority why do we have to live to people living in RVs, vans and trucks on our block. I live on Vermont avenue between Torrance Bl and Del Amo St. I call almost every week to have someone come out to our street to tag the RVs vans and trucks that have lived on our street for months. We live in the unincorporated area of Torrance 90502. We are under the jurisdiction of the Carson Sheriff Station. Sometimes a deputy or parking enforcement person will come out but most times not. The people living in these vehicles are loud, they throw trash everywhere and they urinate in the grass next to the sidewalk. We are not renters. We are homeowners. We pay taxes. We have no idea how dangerous these dwellers are. Our property will lose value if this problem is not corrected.
    Also, why can’t we get rid of all of the RVs on Del Amo street? They are right there in front of the County
    Building before you get to the 110 freeway. They Have peed on the walls so often the walls are black and there is trash everywhere. No one seems to care about the people that live in zip 90502.

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