Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

5 thoughts on “Carson resident calls out City Manager for bullying employees

  1. Carson has a racist and self-centered city manager and the first problem to solve would be in HR because it makes no sense that employees are asked to reach out to the city attorney (instead of HR) for the racism, discrimination and harassment they are experiencing from the city manager. That’s a big red flag. Let’s investigate and fix the HR problem first and help the council understand why the city manager continues to protect a liar corrupt and unethical Hr director.

  2. Employee turnover is at it’s highest since I have been an employee at the City. People are leaving due to the racist behavior and favoritism by executive management. Rules are being broken to fit personal gains or screw people over. The amount of verbal abuse towards city employees and outside parties is nothing I have ever experienced in my personal life yet alone in a “professional” environment. The ganging up by Sharon and Faye to let employees know their wrongdoings and to show who is the boss is working on some, not all thankfully. Ask previous employees who no longer have ties to the city to speak about this outrageous behavior, you will get the true color of the story. Start there.

  3. Tolerating the City of Carson’s incompetent and racist manager, while directing staff to contact the City Attorney, is a shocking way to shield the organization and its mayor from accountability. The Mayor’s ego is allowing the City Manager’s racism and discrimination to thrive.

  4. I thought Compton was having problems, but I don’t understand why a City Manager can control the council? When the council can fire the CM without probable cause. End his/her contract and find a replacement for the City Manager position. Get ride off the bullies.

  5. Thank you Mayor for so gallantly standing up for your employees. Your retorted comment was so out of line. What are you doing to bring up morale. Our city is still a mess. It’s all on you Mayor!

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