Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Carson developers to provide $22 million in relocation benefits to mobile park residents

    1. If William only knew the real obnoxious arrogant “Jim Dear” he would probably barf in the toilet! 🙁 William obviously never read the fifty-two page report on Jim Dear from a law firm in Riverside, CA that shows the true crooked and nasty personality of egotistical raving pompous “Jim Dear” who steps upon anyone who he feels is a threat to his gaining a political advantage even if he violates State Law, which he has done on several occasions! 🙁

      Jim Dear voted “NO” during the July 7, 2020 city council meeting to “NOT” give the residents of Imperial Avalon MHP a better relocation package and THAT is on video! 🙁

      William,,,pay attention dude, your buddy is a dirt-bag 100%!

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