Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

1 thought on “Can an individual be an employee and council member in the same city

  1. It’s odd but probably not illegal. Only 2 sections of the City Charter come close to addressing it. It would be conflict of interest to be under the City Manager as a Civil Service employee AND a Council member empowered to hire and fire the City Manager. You can’t be someone’s employee and boss at the same time can you? We would have to know whether Ms. McCoy was a classified or unclassified employee. The City Charter does not address it directly but maybe the Civil Service code does. (Note: Ms. McCoy is recently appointed not elected).

    Section 602.
    Interference in Administrative Service.
    Neither the City Council nor any of its members shall order or request, directly or indirectly, the appointment of any person to an office or employment, or his removal there from, by the City Manager, or by any of the elective officers or other department heads in the administrative service of the City. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the City Council and its members shall deal with the administrative service under the City Manager solely through the City Manager, and neither the City Council nor any member shall give orders to any subordinates of the City Manager, either publicly or privately.

    Section 1109.
    Political Activities Prohibited. No person holding a position in the Classified Service shall engage in any activities supporting or opposing the election of any public officer or any state or local ballot measure either during that employee’s normal City working hours or at any City facility. Nothing in the section shall be construed to prevent any such person from being or becoming a member of a political club or organization, or from attending political meetings or engaging in political activity while at work as a City employee, or from enjoying entire freedom from all interference in casting his vote, or from seeking election or appointment to public office.

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