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Divine Diva Events @divinedivaevent

Granma (English)@Granma_English

IntersectionsSouthLA – @southlareport


JosephFMailander – @jfmailander

Larry Elder@LarryElder


San Quentin News –  @sanquentinnews


Supreme Court of the United States@SCOTUSblog

The Grown Zone@GrownZone

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  1. Dear 2urbangirls,
    Is it possible for you to find out how much money has been funneled to Inglewood Police Department since James Butts has become Mayor? It is known that he gave a hefty raise and promoted Mark Fonterotta as a favor to bring in his former lover/administrative assistant Melanie. That position was closed due to budget cuts prior to Butts becoming the mayor. Thanks in advance

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