Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

5 thoughts on “Blind Item: Who Gon’ Check Me Boo

  1. Because we lost our own police department who was charged with enforcing municipal ordinances. Sheriff’s Department only enforces California Penal Codes, as do most LEO agencies in the state. Municipal Law Enforcement doesn’t have the staff nor the resources to enforce local Municipal Codes to the same degree as having had our own police department, something that got overlooked when they were disbanded by a previous administration. How the cookie crumbles, people. Regret is always seen in the rear view mirror, it seems. Bass-ackward as usual, and now, we couldn’t afford our own LEO agency due to budget shortfalls. That’s the story, believe it or not. One the other hand, some cities have drafted ordinances to restrict where such businesses can be located, e.g. in industrial areas, but since Compton has no such ordinances in place, dispensaries open all over. Like lice, it seems. When the State of California puts it on the ballot for recreational use, then Pandora’s Box will really be open for business and Compton has it’s share of MJ users and card holders. Look, one day, there’s none and when you look again, another one, no green cross, just a storefront with a security guard. Doesn’t matter if it’s in range of a school or church or any other sensitive location, because the city attorney’s office seems concerned with other matters these days, I guess. Orange County, on the other hand, has taken the option of restricting the areas where such businesses can operate, and that’s always a local issue, despite what voters in the state might approve later. Closing the corral gate after the herd has long gone, seems typical for our city. Too little, too late. And there you have it. Look at Gardena and you’ll hardly see any, because they still have a way to enforce their laws, and don’t have to use contracted services, where you’ll always have to pay extra for special enforcement. So Compton will be known as a place to buy your pot, as well as for Gangster Rap. Apathy is our worst enemy, as always.

  2. The spouse of an elected official in Compton has been at odds with other citizens of Compton who goes against that spouse’s elected spouse. He has been corrected in city council meetings for his arrogant mannerism.

  3. I’m not familiar with this incident, but as for those marijuana dispensaries, the city passed an ordinance a few years ago prohibiting them from being in business. The city council refuses to demand that their own ordinances be enforced.

    1. why do we have to pay the sheriffs 200.000 extra to enforce our ordinance? something that’s part of there contract.

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