Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

23 thoughts on “Blacks and Browns NOT WANTED in Antelope Valley Union High School District

  1. Racism is an intrinsic part of the AV School District culture. My two week notice is going to be me posting video of a couple staff members’ racist rants because they choose to reward these people instead of chastising them for their antagonistic, bigoted behavior. You should hear how many of them talk to and about Black students.

  2. Nepotism runs rampant in the district. The superintendent and counsel Bridget Cook drew huge salaries and did not work for the interests of students. I’m glad Vierra has been called out. Ms. Cook should have been fired years ago. Ms. Cook is not a victim she is a villain along with many other high paid grifters who worked/work for the district.

  3. While I do agree with the fact racism does exist in America today, I don’t agree that it is as bad or directed solely at the black community. (In California at least) Racism is towards whites in many ways as well. Not denying what’s going on in your community but on a personal level white middle class has paid their debt to society for everything relating to non white citizens. We get overlooked for colleges, minorities are given preferential admission as well Undocumented students. If we get accepted, we are denied aid so we leave with debt. Then find many companies only hire people of other ethnicities. They are upholding equal opportunities laws. This is racist if the white person is the better candidate. However this will not change because in California whites are becoming the minority. If the black community would stop labeling everything as racist, I’m talking the silly things like “I know my kid didn’t make the team cause he is black” sorta thing. I feel it would be less of a factor. All that’s doing is instilling the same negative thoughts towards white people. When actually maybe there are legitimate whites people that are treating your kid normal? It seems it’s just constant accusations when I know people that are in mixed relationships and have been accused of racism. Why would that be? Can we not be forced to defend our actions for treating everyone the same? Again I’m not saying that racism is over, but my kids were cut from teams too.., that had WHITE coaches. I thought my kids deserved it more than others did, but because they’re white like the coach. It’s NOT racism.

  4. Articles like this are what keeps fanning the flames of racism that are trying to die. When someone writes an article like this, they are not looking to shine the light on truth, they are solely trying to slander people so that they can get a mob frenzied up so that decisions are made on emotion instead of facts.
    When I ran the title and the first few paragraphs I thought this was a joke. I have never seen a more opinion based article in my life (including op. Eds.). The only thing that would have made this article more of a joke would have been if she offered up minority replacements for the people she is slandering on the sole basis of their skin. People should get the job dependant on capabilities, chemistry they bring to the group, morals, and work ethic they bring.
    Because of how perverse the writers ethics were in this article it completely voids any credible points she may have had. Lastly thg his article was supposed to be on supposed racism of this area. But is all it showed was how racist the author was and how unethical she is herself. I feel an article like this did more damage than help.

      1. The cards can not be used unless someone has dealt the deck! Remember that!!
        Im soo sick of people claiming the race card gets used to much! If its not happening to you attitude then it must not be real! I am an RN and I lose track over alllllll the ignorant racist comments that get said dail by “white” patients about my co workers being “black”! Or anything other than what they feel should be treating them! Sooo please stol down playing what is real!!

  5. Victoria, this article is full of in accurate comments. How about we start with the fact that you were the driving force behind the firing of Bridget Curtis-Cook when she called out the D’Vacor contract and your connections to D’Vacor. The article fails to Bruce Frank’s company was created specifically for this contract, that he was associated with Bob and he had never done the work in question. Victoria, you didn’t mention your bankruptcy in the article nor did you mention the litigation issues Sleepy has had and your claim that the firm is top 100 is laughable.

  6. Whites have to read their history they were not the first people here. They took the land from the Indians
    Blacks made the white man rich by
    using them as slaves. It’s a shame that kids have to live with the white peoples. My family has a mixture of
    races and I’m a proud American.

    1. What all this boils down to is Ignorance still runs rampant in America!I believe with all divisions we have going on with the people that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests (HAHA) we need to stop the BS and look out for one another!

  7. Antelope Valley is only a small % of a huge racial problem this nation is living with. Asians’ OM Goodness, the bull shit they have to put up with as well.

  8. I moved my family away from Antelope Valley. It was very difficulty having a minority child deal with racial taunts on a daily basis. This district had “nooses” in the school hallways.

  9. I moved my family out of Antelope Valley. It was very difficult having a minority child
    that was subject to racial taunts on a daily basis. This is the district where they had “nooses” in the school hallways. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!!!

    1. Ya we got Estonia. You wrote it in the post you did above this one. “You moved your kids out” Message has been received. You + Your Kids = Not there

    1. How can you make such an ignorant statement? The “White Race” has stolen America from people who have a different shade of Skin. You are one of the reasons that there are problems.

        1. Unfortunately you are soo wrong Lisa!!! Thats what is feeding these white nationalist who fear what your saying!!! And when that day comes which it has not by far.. who cares!! The shoes need to finally be flipped !!whites have dominated our nation way too long!!! The root of hate lies and stems from the Europeans thinking their look or ways are the only way! Its disgusting! Instead of showing unity or trying to make wrongs right you all want to scream unfair treatment while whites continue spreading the racist cards like skittles!! Think before you respond to me message. If you do you may not respond so flippant

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