Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Black Twitter roasts creators of Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives

  1. The dragging was well deserved. Both shows are full of stereotypes and ignorance. I haven’t watched them
    in years.

    Both of these women have built their “empires” off pure ignorance & BLACK WOMEN going at each other’s neck. Stop watching, let the ratings this trash and can finally meet its demise.

    1. So it is the media image of black women that we should only be concerned with.! What about the media image of all black people? Black women need to be careful that they do not become concerned with only themselves. It seems they want and claim all the credit for everything positive. We used to have an agency that monitored TV shows that showed us in a negative light and would recommend that we not watch it. What happened to it? We need it now more than ever and also for it to be more visible.

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