Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

1 thought on “Black former franchisees sue McDonald’s for $1 billion, claiming bias

  1. Is there anyone else who chooses one McDonald’s over others because the staff is friendlier or maybe even the lines move faster.?

    There is no doubt some locations get more traffic because of their location (even which side of the street along my path to OR from my planned destination ),

    For me more importantly is staff graciousness — we all want to be treated kindly no matter how much I order…
    Let us hope we as customer’s are remembering to treat the employees with the same respect we want coming back to us.
    While the work itself may not seem hard sometimes dealing with cranky, rude and unkind customers makes a lunch shift feel like it lasted forever.

    Please, let us old folks be patient with the kids whose math teachers didn’t share the joys of the decimal system using money. If you haven’t been taught all the ways our coins can be combined to make a dollar early on it is hard concept to grasp. Let us keep in mind today’s kids didn’t get practice counting precious pennies to get the two or three for a nickel candy which helped us learn combinations …..they grew up using debit cards. (Can you imagine how frustrating it must have been for the lady behind the counter when we said 2 cinnamon bears, 1 red licorice for mom, 1 black licorice for dad, or 2tootsie rolls, 3 pixie sticks, and 2 orange slices for my sister oh wait I only have a nickel

    Franchise owners and managers have a daunting task teaching all sorts of things us older people learned very early in our lives let us take the time to drop in for a coffee /shake and fries whenever we can

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