Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Black elected officials pen op-eds, on same day, regarding marijuana sales in South Los Angeles

  1. It’s time for blacks (including the black church ) to wake up. The ship for marijuana prohibition has sailed! And it’s never coming back again. So instead of blocking the business in your neighborhood, find out how to hold such businesses accountable for responsible use. It will take time but folks will concede, in the same way they did with alcohol, rap music, gay marriage and so on and so on! One thing is for sure though, while Blacks and the Black church stay away from this highly lucrative wealth generating opportunity- WHITES are not!! Whites have already made millions nationwide, and on target to make billions, while Blacks are wasting time protesting-
    or worse- seeing the opportunity but doing nothing! And it will be yet another pathetic missed opportunity for our people, even more so now because for decades we have paid the price through incarcerations and felony counts. However now that there’s a “legit” way to sell herb nobody is stepping up to the plate for fear of what church folk might say! Ridiculous!

  2. That petition being circulated by Bill Ivey is misleading and the people presenting the petition are lying about the petition’s content. I am encouraging everyone, DO NOT SIGN THAT PETITION! We do not want the Marijuana industry in Compton.

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