Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “Are Inglewood residents losing trust in the mayor and council

  1. Hello my True Urban girls. Thank you for keeping us informed.You might want to inform the Inglewood people there are not enough Parking Enforcement to give tickets or tow cars needless to say to help out at the events at the forum or so-fi. The new parking signs will not be able to take effect because of low staff. You might want to ask the mayor to look into this.

  2. Good assessment about the changes to Inglewood. Thank you for the updates on the happenings in the area to follow. However, the blame has to go those citizens with political apathy. In each of the elections in the City for elected officials, there were low voter turnouts. I believe that many barely cracked the 30-40 percent. Low voter turnouts are the things that politicians regardless of political affiliation love because they know there is a lack of awareness or attention to what they do or do not do. In addition, many cities in SoCal lack the citizen initiative to use the power of ballot initiatives to bring about changes like term limits or even the implementation of bonafide bus lanes to key corridors. Heck, white voters know how to milk that tool with precision and make the political system work when compared to the many Black and Hispanic communities (disclaimer: there are Blacks and Hispanics savvy enough to play the game, but not enough). If people want change, they need to be active politically at the, “investing in your elected officials”, polls, meetings, and the community. And no, protesting and playing ‘Johnny Come Lately’ to situations after the fact is not going to cut it. Otherwise, it is you and not the elected officials like Butts who are to blame for why Inglewood is not working for them.

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