Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

13 thoughts on “Another killing in the city of Inglewood, victim identified

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  2. No one is to blame. Why as a society do we depend on government officials to fix problems.. they can’t control people’s actions. The only one to blame is ourselfs.. we grow up in a environment where violence and gangbanging is glorified in the media…Theres nothing that can stop the violence.. it’s a never ending cycle.. rest in peace young man… May God forgive ur killer/s

    1. The killer is to blame (the person that took life with or with no premeditation ).
      For all we know James Butt is a serial killer committing these murders in disguise. I’m not to blame and neither are you, unless.. you’re the killer

  3. How long Will James but be able to get away with using his old tired lazy and self proclaimed useless response to a murder in Inglewood? As someone who is constantly bragging about being a police officer, and a police chief, and running security at LAX, why is it that the only thing he can think of doing when someone gets killed is offer a reward when he spent a significant amount of time at a city council meeting saying that rewards don’t work and bringing up chief Fronteratta to agree that rewards to work, and in fact Both of them saying that they have never ever seen, in 35 years, a reward work to catch a killer? James Butts is so pathetic that when an Inglewood resident was literally decapitated, with the head removed from the scene and never found, the only thing butts could think of, or more likely the only thing that but stop he had to do, was offer a reward. Actually, he did step it up that time (sarcasm), he offered two rewards. Needless to say they were both useless and that crime was never solved. To see a video that exposes James Butts lies, hypocrisy, and his lazy, useless, responses to violent crime in Inglewood, watch “James Butts exploits the murder of Fredrick Martin for his own political benefit” on YouTube

  4. How does Butts keep getting away with using his standard and useless response to a murder…, offering up rewards that he spent a significant amount of time in a council meeting telling the public, and having Chief Fronteratta cosign, don’t work? Why don’t the city’s residents call him on the fact that his only response to a murder, when he constantly brags about being a former police officer and chief of police, is to shamelessly, deceptively and lazily offer up something that both he and Fronteratta told the public that they had NEVER, EVER seen work? See the video exposing James Butts deception and lies concerning the tragic murder of Fredrick Martin in Inglewood, when Butts guaranteed that the killers would be found at:
    And don’t forget, Butts also offered not one, but two rewards, when a man was DECAPITATED in Inglewood. What other mayor has people decapitated, and STILL doesn’t come up with SOMETHING NEW??? Needless to say, that murder is still unsolved.

  5. I’m sorry Mr. Gascon has nothing to do with this.

    This is a result of our gradual breakdown in society norms and values.

    We have a broken society that no nger values building up people and as a result thing’s like this will continue to occur.

    What program’s do we have in this city for youth on gang prevention programs?

  6. Dear Editor:
    In this article, Compton was referenced to have 25 murders since January 2021; was discouraging. However, I did verify the stats and confirmed with Captain Clark, Compton Sheriff Dept. that it appears that the 2020 murder stats was quoted. The 2021 murder stats as of 1/18/21 is 3. Any murders are a tragedy. I pray that black and brown men and women will value themselves and work together for the good of their communities and their families.

  7. Quit electing the democrats. And we will have stiffer laws. There won’t be nearly as many killings

  8. When are we going to stop this unnecessary killings over some damn colors? This is so sickening.

  9. I blame this on new LA CO District Attorney, George Gascon. Although he has made immediate changes within police departments, by defunding them and holding them accountable for their actions. But at the same token, he has allowed many violent gang members to get out jail and commit murders to majority innocent people. These criminals know that the police can’t do what they did in the past, therefore they are taking full advantage of it. It’s not right because innocent lives are being lost at an alarming rate. Mr. Gascon, please take a look at this closely and makes some changes so that these can be placed back in jail and kept off the streets. I prey everyday my kids leave the house because I have to worry about some coward harming them no apparent reason.

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