Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

3 thoughts on “Another digital billboard headed to Inglewood

  1. Want an even uglier Inglewood? Just look up at the electronic billboard blight!

    1. Gary you are so very right .

      We had worked hard to rid this community of unsightly-continuous in -your- face constant advertisements and then BUTTS came along and turned OUR COMMUNITY into a roadside constant energy sucking informercial !!!!! On block after the other !

      Anyone surprised WOW gave Jimmie campaign funds … and don’t forget the same “planning commission” that approved these visual eyesores are the ones who canceled their meeting this week under the guise of concern for COVID

      They are your neighbors let them and your council members know enough is enough !!!!

      And tell the advertisers how revolting their ads on our streets are.

  2. Incredibly gracious to use “over saturation” to describe these dangerous and insulting visual pollutants!

    Dangerous distracting to drivers
    Insulting blocking of the once picturesque view of the Hollywood sign an Palos Verdes Hills
    Certainly NOT advertising Althing of value that can be purchased in Inglewood other than what was considered the sin obsessions of Gambling and Alcohol considering there is no Hyundai Dealer, or Movie Theatre in town .

    Wow made a great investment when they paid into the James Butts Campaign and they have made millions.

    At least Krantz was honest about it being an agreement between “government leaders and Industry – that does go a long way to acknowledge neither care about the residents and our quality of life….

    Why do we experience electricity black outs and increased rates while WOW digital billboards use excessive electricity 24 hours a day every day rain or shine THESE SHOULD BE OUTLAWED

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