Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Another audit leaks from Compton City Hall

  1. Think about this for a second: it’s 2018 and potholes are still an issue in these Compton streets. I find it clear that for whatever reason, the streets of Compton are not intended to be fixed once and for all. Otherwise they would have been already. Administration after administration after administration and the same exact problem persists. That should tell you something right there. I’ll never understand how anyone can sit on the council and NOT do whatever it takes to fix the streets; unless of course they don’t actually drive the streets like that.
    Oh well the mfn saga continues…..
    Keep up the good work 2urbangirls

    1. The council appears to be implementing temporary and timely solutions when it suits individuals come campaign season. The mayor led the charge to get the sales tax measure passed, however, citizens filed suit to withhold spending the money. With the case now thrown out, residents should be asking the finance department to produce a warrant ledger, showing all city bills that need to be paid, and approve those bills in public during the council meeting. Residents could also ask the Public Works department when/if they are preparing to solicit vendors to fix the streets. The job appears to be too big for city employees to do themselves.

  2. Well worth reading…informative. Someone suggested I stop by and this is pretty detailed. The gas tax funds are the issue, apparently. Thought they had this settled inside city hall. Only use funds as they’re earmarked, we’re fine. Do something else…audit report tells what you did wrong. How is it addressed?

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