Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

12 thoughts on “Can LA Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson be Trusted

  1. I’m a constituent in his district and up until very recently had been active in Westmont and West Athens, serving as President of my block club gave me insight into how things are done behind the scenes through the neighborhood council and through MHD office. I’m grateful to 2 urban girls for highlighting this. There is some major changes coming to south la, particularly district 8. MCD has withheld help to neighborhoods down lining western, Florence, Vermont, Slauson and Manchester Ave. By allowing it to become seemingly dilapidated and run down he gives room for the city to take these properties and then sell them to investors. 83rd and western is slated to begin construction end of this year and is scheduled to be completed be March 2020. The Dorset village has been sold. The ads for commercial lease space for western square are already on property loop. My people we need to form a committee separate from the council to be a watchdog over these corrupt Uncle Tom sell out politicians. We need to come together and do something more than complain and worry. Peace

    1. Thank you for your post. We who see clearly must continue to do so. My priorities include:
      -Supporting Denise Fancis-Woods election campaign monthly
      -Talking with my neighbors about what’s really happening here in CD8
      -Posting pertinent information on social media
      -Calling LA city services regularly
      I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, but this is my community and I care about it.

    2. Set up a date and time and outreach staff at Emergency Intervention 4 Our Homeless & Veterans will assist and support in full.
      Its a new day and time out here family and if we dont come together, the family members that lacks ambition and self love will find themselves in Palmdale, Lancaster, or worse.
      Gentrification is in our faces but barely a whisper about where in the f did they come from, joggn and shit like they been in these trenches with us the whole time. In digressing, Charity and public service aka Non Profit Organizations pays you to look after your community and othes, so why isnt the churches, black public figures, entertainers, athletes, (football basketball baseball etc) and rappers alike, feeding rhe community this information…
      City Council sits there waiting on anyone with a EIN# and proposals to request funds.. But we dont know or have this information. The ones that so and dont share the information is no friend of the family.
      What ever happened to
      ” Each One Teach One “

  2. What about the former atty general Kamala Harris’ sudden claim to be for all people? When Black men were shot and murdered, she refused to investigate the murders. When my Black Pastor dad was mutilated with a 5″ by 3″ open wound to the bone, and my eye-witness seeing a male ICU nurse in the act of trying to smother him to death because he fought to survive those Catholic church abuses which he died of days later from his wounds, she said the atty general’s office doesn’t investigate such crimes against the elderly and disabled either; even though three Elder Abuse Acts said they do. Now, suddenly she is a friend to Blacks? Examine her record as attorney general and it will show you how she feels about Blacks. While you’re exposing corruption in govt, don’t leave her out!

  3. Talk about some real shit that currently relevant. Why did this white man go into this mall and kill all them innocent people???

    1. When I was saying this two years ago people were looking at me like I was crazy that dude has been doing nothing but stabbing people in the back undermining the black community lining his own pockets for his own gain when I tell you I’ve been saying this for two years I was wrong oh I was jealous I didn’t know what I was talking about and now here comes somebody actually puts it out there that he is nothing but a snake in the grass thank you thank you thank you

  4. Don’t understate about Feuer. He is a dangerous one too, has been operating behind the scenes, using the power of the city attorney’s office to clear the way for the elected officials to do what otherwise would be illegal — actually, is still illegal, but he has been acting to give them legal protection against any liability for their illegal actions. This includes on these oversized developments, whether near a subway station or not.

    Feuer’s office has been giving flat out false legal advice and opinions to the lawmakers, and that because when the city attorney gives an opinion, as long as the elected officials follow that, they are immune from any liability for their actions, even if those actions are illegal. Feuer’s office has KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY been giving opinions 180 degrees the opposite of the law and many repeated and consistent appellate decisions on it.

    That is the power of the city attorney. And Feuer has been exercising it wildly and under the radar.

  5. Thisbis so true. Sadly, too many wont get this message. Denise Woods isnrunning for his seat. But Marqueece got these so called “gang interventionists” in South LA on his team, even though he just granting them funds, lining their pockets, but not doing S*** for the hood. Gentrification of South LA has been on steriods since Marqueece took office. He a plant. Owned by DC.

  6. Never, ever more true! Keep your finger on the pulse of MHD. He has betrayed everyone and everything in CD8 he has had contact with.

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