Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

7 thoughts on “2020 Election Predictions

  1. Did you hear about the electoral college? I guess they finished their vote. From what I read there is a consensus that Joe Biden will be the next president. President Trump doesn’t seem to think so though. He seems to be convinced that he won. Did you happen to read the lawsuit? It’s very interesting.

  2. “Crack-Queen” Waters needs to be put out to pasture.
    I support ABB (Anyone But Bass)
    I support Donald Trump. He was not my first or second choice but I knew I didn’t want Hilary.

  3. I’ll say it a little better for you….Trump is going to win in a landslide that will include BOTH the electoral college and a massive popular vote win as well. In that vote you will find that blacks go for Trump at the highest levels ever seen by a Republican in history! That is because Trump is not a politician and he keeps all of his promises. Blacks are switching over to Trump at a gigantic rate right now as they realize that the democrats just want their vote, and only talk to them every 2-4 years to get it. Once they get it, they forget who they are. In 70 years they haven’t done anything for blacks except keep them in poverty. At the present, 46% of blacks are leaning toward Trump. As Trump said…”what have you go to lose?” He was right!
    Trump is going to blow Biden away folks. And the democrats know it.

    1. This is a computer response because no human with two eye’s believes in this shit. But if you’re a DJT sheep 🐑 you believe this BS, DJT is the best friend Black People have ever had, He’s killing me. Buy multiple boxs of clx

      1. yeah? well swallow this pal:

        Guys like you write these things. It is blah, blah, blah. Once Trump has won in 48 hours, it is game over for these pink-pussy hat wussies.

        Gonna be a BBQ party in every backyard in America once the election ends! The triggered talking heads will be in a huge meltdown the likes of which we have never seen!! Enjoy the Show, Patriots!!!

        They ought to put AOC on TV and make her read off the results. Socialism is dead in America. People have seen where it leads- riots, killings, fires, looting, etc…. and want no part of it!

        Stay safe, stay vigilant, support each other. You know what to do. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE PATRIOTS!! AND TAKE 3 PEOPLE WITH YOU TO VOTE!!!

        GO TRUMP!!!!

        TRUMP worked incredibly hard for the last 5 years for us! Now it is time for us to show him our support, and to thank him for all of the sacrifices he has made for our Country! HE HAS KEPT ALL OF HIS PROMISES TO US!!! NOW It is our turn to give back to the most incredible President in History!!! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP FROM ALL OF US!!! WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL!!!!!

        RED WAVE COMING!!!

        The democrats already know they have lost, that is why they are preparing to riot. Let them for about 10 minutes, let the People see who they are, then move in the National Guard and take care of it. The USMilitary is standing by. Trump will likely sign the ‘insurrection orders’ before that, that will allow the slapdown to come.

        The next 2-5++ days is going to be something. Get your stuff in order. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! AND TAKE 3 PEOPLE WITH YOU!!!

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